speech 2

Quite often we or someone we know is asked to give a speech. Writing or giving a speech can be stressful enough-without worrying what to wear. Deciding what to wear can be a challenge, especially since there are so many locations where a speech can take place. Read this short guide on how to dress for a speech.

First consider your venue. Are you giving a speech as a church, wedding, or perhaps in a classroom? Think about how people regularly dress in the location where your speech is to take place.

Next think about the reason for your speech. Is it an informal toast over drinks? Perhaps a more important speech at a wedding reception? Or a speech your grade in college seems to depend upon? Gauge the importance of the speech, an important speech deserves a nice outfit to complete the presentation.

A good rule of thumb is to dress a notch above those whom you will be speaking to. So if you are speaking to a casual group of college students, wear business casual. If you are speaking to a nice group of business clientele, a nice suit would probably be the best option. If you are attending a wedding reception, a nice tuxedo is a must.

The right outfit will demand authority and the attention of everyone in vicinity. Be well prepared with a nice outfit and your speech will take a turn for the better!