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Due to security measures at airports, you might be inclined to dress in a way that allows you to go through security more quickly. For this reason, slip-ons have become more common at airports. If you are like most travelers, you want to avoid tying and untying your shoes. However, as a traveler, you would do well to keep your safety in mind in case of an unexpected accident. Unexpected events can occur either at the airport or during the airline flight

Airline Flights and Comfort

Wear comfortable shoes during your airline flight. Moccasins or sneakers are good choices. In case of delays or emergencies, you may need to walk for longer distances than expected or sit down for longer periods, which could cause swelling on your feet. Comfortable shoes can make the situation more bearable and keep your feet from getting blisters.

Choose shoes with a rubber sole for your airline flight. If you have to walk fast through the airport or need to exit the plane quickly, rubber soles will keep you from slipping and possibly prevent an accident. Safety tips such as this one could potentially save your life.

Dress for an Airline Flight with Safety in Mind

  •  Don't forget a pair of socks. Some travelers are often observed going through the security checkpoint bare footed. This is a good way to pick up all kinds of germs. Remember that thousands of people go through security daily. Wearing socks will protect you against germs.
  •  Go natural on your next airline flight. Garments made of 100 percent cotton, silk, wool or leather are good choices. In case of a fire, cotton takes longer to burn while synthetic materials such as polyester and rayon will melt on your skin.
  • Protect yourself during an airline flight. For example, wear jeans or slacks instead of shorts. Jeans can protect your legs from broken glass or other projectiles in case of an accident.

Accessorize for an Airline Flight

A handkerchief or scarf made of 100 percent natural materials can protect you in case of an accidents. Cover your mouth and nose in case of smoke or chemicals in the air.    

Dress Warm for Your Next Airline Flight

Since the temperature in airplanes is generally set low, wear a light sweater that you can take off if it gets warm or put back on if it gets too cold.   

Overall, you can take precautions to protect yourself during your next airline flight. Remember to wear comfortable shoes with rubber soles. Clothing made of natural materials are your best choices for air flights. Tips such as the ones mentioned above can help you protect yourself by dressing properly during an airline flight.   

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