There are ways to appear thinner without losing weight. Although losing weight is important for health and self-esteem reasons, choosing the right clothes can help you look and feel great while you reach your desired weight. Regardless of your current weight, you can take advantage of a few dressing tricks to appear thinner while you reach your desired weight.

Appear Thinner withthe Right Outfit

Look slimmer without losing weight by wearing fitted clothes. However, it is important to choose the right size. A size too small will accentuate your weight and make you appear heavier. Avoid the baby look type blouses and sweaters; they will add a few more pounds to your appearance. While tops should have fitted sleeves, they should not be tight. If you are top heavy, shoulder pads and pleaded sleeves will make you appear heavier on top.

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Select jackets and tops with a waistline length for a slender look, particularly if you are petite. Pleats in the back will draw attention to the center of your back and make your waist appear smaller. If the sides are straight, take them in just a bit to create the illusion of a waistline.

Opt for tops with v-shape necklines to give your face a smaller, narrower appearance. Square, round and u-shape necklines make the face appear wider.

Dress in monochromatic clothes to appear thinner. Wearing the same color from top to bottom will make you appear taller and slimmer. Another option is to wear dark colors for a slimming effect. You can add color with accessories. 

Wear low-cut slacks or jeans to avoid the muffin-top effect. To make your legs appear longer, the pants’ length should almost touch the floor.     

Choose the Right Shoes for a Thinner Look

Wear pointy shoes for a slimmer appearance. Shoes with a v-shape top rather than a u-shape will also make your feet appear narrower, while shoes with u-shape tops make the foot look wider and heavier.

Styles to avoid if you want to appear thinner are Mary Jane straps, ankle straps, and square-toe shoes. All these styles of shoes will make your legs look shorter and chunkier. If possible, wear high heels. High heels instantly make you appear about 5 pounds thinner. 

Opened-toe shoes are also a good choice when you want to look thinner. Additionally, backless and slingback shoes can also have the same effect, as they will make your legs appear longer.  

Additional Tips for Looking Thinner

  • Get fitted professionally for under clothes if necessary. The wrong size will add to a weight problem.
  • Soft fabrics such as satin or silk will hang better and create a slender appearance, even if you haven't lost any weight. Heavy fabrics will make you look heavier.
  • Pleaded skirts and pants will also make you appear heavier.

If your goal is to look thinner without losing weight, a few dressing tricks can help you reach your objective. Remember to choose the right size. Keep in mind that the right type of fabric can make you appear thinner, while the wrong type of fabric will instantly make you appear heavier.  Finally, don’t forget that your shoes can also influence your appearance. With the right outfit and the right shoes, you can feel good about your appearance and look thinner without losing weight. 

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