How to Drive Safely Tips

Avoid Distractions While Driving To Arrive Safely

How to Drive Safely Tips

Every year 43,000 people are killed and 2.9 million are injured during automobile accidents according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Most of these accidents and deaths could be avoided with proper tips on how to drive safely. Learn how to avoid distractions while driving to keep yourself and others safe and arrive alive.


Things You Will Need:

  • Knowledge
  • Awareness of surroundings
  • Focus
  • Time
  • Desire to drive safely

Avoid distractions while driving to prevent accidents

The first step to avoid distractions while driving is to have knowledge of the danger that an automobile could present. Make sure that all areas around the vehicle can easily be seen while driving. Keep the seat and all windows clear of obstructions. Keep the hands on the driving wheel at all times to have control over the vehicle if you need to respond or move out of the way quickly. Make sure all passengers keep all hands and feet in the vehicle to reduce that distraction. Check out the NHTSA for statistical information on motor vehicle accidents.

Avoid car accidents

When stepping into a car be prepared to have an acute awareness of the surroundings while driving. Watch the other drivers and what they're doing. Many accidents can be avoided if we all use defensive driving techniques by paying attention to the road and other drivers. Always look out for motorcycles which are sometimes difficult to see or hear. Accidents are often caused by other drivers not paying attention while at the wheel.

Wear the seat belt!

Always wear the seat belt for safety. Don't start the engine until all riders have the seat belt on too. It's the law and it will remind you to avoid distractions while driving if you're belted in.

Avoid hitting a pole

Avoid using cell phones, eating, applying makeup, taking notes or doing anything else in the automobile while driving. Pull off to the side of the road for a moment if you do need to make a call, apply makeup, or get something from a briefcase. Pulling over will be better than potentially hitting something like a pole or worse yet another car or individual. Many cities now have laws against driving while using a cell phone so pay attention to all current laws in your state.

Accidents cost time and money

Avoid alcohol and any drugs before entering a vehicle to drive. Most drugs and medication warnings advise against operating motor vehicles as they impair your judgment and reaction time, thereby increasing the chances of an accident which could hurt you and others. Car accidents will cost time and money as well with higher insurance rates that usually can be avoided.

Give yourself enough time to arrive

Leave a little early so that you have time to drive safely. Speeding is one of the biggest reasons for car accidents and if you do arrive alive, it's usually only a few minutes sooner not hours. Giving yourself enough time to arrive will increase the chances that you will arrive safely and will keep the other drivers on the road safe as well.

Keep the vehicle in proper working condition

Make sure to keep all inspections and maintenance work done on the vehicle which ensures that lights are working, brakes are functional and all other areas of the vehicle are working properly which makes our cars safer to drive.

No one ever thinks that an accident will or can happen to them. Take all precautions necessary and learn defensive driving tips that will help you to keep yourself and those you love safe while driving. Encourage teenagers to sign up for a defensive driving class that can help them to learn how to drive safely.