Tips on Drying Roses

How to Make Dried Roses

dried red rose

If you have a rose garden you may want to enjoy the roses long after they've given you joy in the garden and in cut arrangements in your home. These are best dehydrated in flower drying crystals of flower silica gel, which is a finely powdered, sugar-like substance, despite the misleading reality that it's known as gel.

To start drying the roses, first fill a container (like a plastic shoe box) using an even layer of silica gel, an inch deep. Cut all but one inch of the flower's stem. Put a double- or many-petaled flower face up in the gel. Place single-petaled blossoms like daisies facedown on top of the gel base. Flowers having long stalks must lie lengthwise in the container. Always place buds of roses and peonies in your drying collection. Put these horizontally in the gel.

Using a small spoon, cover the blossoms with gel; starting from the outer edges and working your way towards the center.  Dust the crystals in between the petals so the flowers would hold their shape throughout the drying process.

Cover the container using its lid or a sheet of aluminum foil taped in place. Do not leave the flowers in the gel longer than seven days or the petals will get too brittle. They're "done" if they feel crisp. If they're still limp, cover and leave them again for another day or two. Lift the flower out and lightly shake off the gel. To keep the dried roses or peonies, insert them using florist's foam. You can also fill an egg carton with sand and insert a flower in every cup. To preserve your dried flowers till wintertime, just put them in a storage box with a few mothballs and some spoonfuls of the silica gel to keep humidity and bugs away.


dried rose

Tips for Drying Flowers

1. Flowers picked to be air-dried must be as perfect as possible and moisture-free.

2. Flowers for drying shouldn't be picked too early in the day. Allow the warmth of the sun evaporate the dew first, and take out leaves from the stems to help speedy drying.

3. The faster flowers dry the better they keep their colors.

4. Collect flowers in bunches and secure the stems using rubber bands. Hang upside down on a hook in a dry, dark area.

5. Most flowers air-dry best when hung inverted.

6. Dried materials can stay hanging indefinitely, as long as they're not hanging in a moist area.

7. To store flowers after they are dry, put them between layers of tissue paper in cardboard boxes.


Fun to Know Tidbits on Giving Flowers

If you wish to make an arrangement of flowers for a special someone or occasion, you must know that the names of flowers bear meanings. If, for instance, you're throwing a bridal shower, you might like to decorate using baby's breath, which stands for purity of heart. For a baby shower, fill up little pitchers and teacups with buttercups since they suggest a childish cheerfulness. When your party is intended to introduce two people unlikely to get together without you, fill the room with peonies and roses. The first suggests bashful, the second exemplifies love. An anniversary celebration could be heightened using sunflowers and verbena, the first evoking loyalty, the second faithfulness. If you wish to soothe away sorrow, do it with a vase made full with yarrow.