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7 Steps to Dry Herbs

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Fresh herbs can enhance the flavor of anything you make whether it's tea, sandwiches or lunch, dinner, baked goods or even flavored oils to enhance many of your daily meals.  If you grow your own herbs and can't use them all at once, you can dry them for later use and they'll still maintain their robust flavors. Drying your own fresh herbs will also help to save money at the grocery store! You can also buy fresh herbs in bulk at many local and online shops so you'll be able to save them all year long and not just in the summer season.  Learn how to dry your own fresh herbs easily to have them readily available for use with these tips.

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Things You'll Need:

Fresh herbs

Rubber bands

Drying rack


Storage containers

Step 1

Grow your own fresh herbs

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Use a large container for an garden or choose a small area of the outdoor garden especially for herbs. After using the fresh herb leaves all season long and before the plants are done blooming, use the leaves for drying the herbs for later use. Fresh plants are only a few dollars each and will yield many leaves for you to use in recipes and can be much less expensive than buying fresh or even dried herbs in the grocery store.

Step 2

Remove the leaves

First remove the fresh herbs from their stems by gently stripping them off completely until on the leaves are left.

Step 3

Gather the herbs in bunches

Gather or bind together in small bunches and tie with a rubber band, jute, twine or any kind of binder. Make several smaller bunches instead of one large one to make the drying process go a little faster.

Step 4

Hang upside down

Place your aromatics on a drying rack or hang upside down and keep in a cool, dry area away from sunlight. A slow drying process will work better than burning them in the sunlight. Here's the herb drying rack that I like.

Step 5

Allow time to dry herbs

Check on the fresh spices daily until they become slightly crisp, it could take 5-8 days or even longer depending on the moisture or dryness of the air.

Step 6

Store in sealed containers

Take down the bunches of fresh aromatics and lay them out on several sheets of newspaper or cloth. Untie the twine carefully. Keep them in long pieces or you can also crush the leaves so that they will fit into jars or containers. Immediately place your spices into a sealed container until needed to maintain freshness.

Step 7

Storing fresh dried herbs

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Freshly dried spices should stay fresh in tightly sealed containers out of the sunlight for at least 6 months and many will last for up to a year. Use them for all your recipes, sandwiches or sauces to enhance flavors. Leave a comment below and let us know if you like to dry fresh herbs to help save money, because you enjoy watching the process or another reason.


Tips & Warnings

  • You may choose to hang your aromatics upside down instead of using a drying rack

  • Store in a tightly sealed container until ready to use

  • Be creative and try your freshly dried herbs in teas and cocktails, sandwiches, meals, desserts and make your own flavored oils for dipping artisan breads.

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