There are specific ways to dry and store herbs to maintain the properties you need for its use. Whether you live in a small apartment or a larger home it is not hard to dry herbs to maintain the quality and potency of the herb. Herbs can be used for many purposes once dried, like potpourri for sachets or even for cooking.




Things You Will Need

various herbs
drying rack
rubber bands

Step 1


Microwave Drying

If you do not have a lot of room like in an apartment, this may be an easier way to dry your herbs. Using a paper towel to absorb the moisture, put the herbs, separated on the towel. Try putting the microwave on a medium setting for just a couple of minutes to start. Make sure you completely dry the herbs. You may have to test it to see what settings and time limit works according to your specific microwave. This is the easiest way to dry herbs because it takes so little time and space.

Step 2

Screen Panel drying

This method takes more room. Using clean screen panels, you can dry flower petals, berries, or whole herb stalks. Place each item, being careful to separate them, on the screen panel which should be elevated so air can flow through the top and bottom. If you do not have a screen panel, you can use a kitchen cooling rack as well as well for drying herbs.

Step 3

Air Drying

Air Drying has always been a very common method to use for drying herbs. To air dry, gather several stems of herbs and tie them together with a rubber band. You will need to hang them upside down in a place in your house or apartment which is dry. Do not try to dry herbs in a damp place like a bathroom or a damp basement. Herbs can take up to a few weeks to be completely dry.

Step 4

Once your herbs are dry most of them can be stored in a shoe box or any box with no ventilation. Wrap them in paper towels or tissue paper individually. Herbs should be stored in a dry, not damp area at all times to maintain their vital properties. You should store individual flowers and larger dried items, like whole flowers, in an airtight container. Keep in a warm place with no moisture. If you are drying herbs for cooking purposes, put in individual glass spice containers which are airtight and label them. Most herbs for cooking can be used for up to one year.

Following these simple methods can insure that when you dry and store herbs, they will have the most potent properties.

Tips & Warnings

It's important to keep herbs in dry place or they will be spoiled.