If your goal is to earn $100 a day writing online then you can easily accomplish that goal as long as you keep working on writing. If you only write 10 articles then you will never reach your goal of $100 a day.

One of the common questions asked is "how many articles do I need to Write until I earn $100 a day?" There is no appropriate answer to that question. You may earn $100 in one day by writing articles for Demand Studios or TextBroker, but then you must start again the next day. If instead you want to make $100 a day in residual income, which means you make $100 a day even when you do not write, then you will need to write even more articles.

The best way to make $100 day writing on the internet is to take a balanced approach to your writing and combine up front payments along with articles that you receive residual earnings on.

This is the main site you will want to write for if you are looking to eventually earn $100 a day writing. InfoBarrel is a residual earnings content site, which means you do not get an upfront payment on your articles, but you do continue to earn money on them for the rest of your life.

Instead of selling an article for $2-$4.00 on a website such as TextBroker, you will earn a high percentage of all revenue that the article brings in. Your earnings will be low until you start writing a lot.

Each day try and add at least 3-4 new articles for InfoBarrel. Make it your goal to have 500-1,000 article published on InfoBarrel. This will get you a lot closer to your goal of $100 a day. The actual amount you earn can vary drastically. Let's assume you have 1,000 articles published on InfoBarrel, you suck at Search Engine Optimization, and you are still able to pull in around $450 a month with your InfoBarrel articles.

Considering you also get Chikita revenue, your actual earnings may be much higher than this.

Now that you are earning about $15.00 a day in residual income you now only need to make an additional $85.00 a day to meet your goal.

Examiner pays about $9.00 for every thousand page views, and unlike Bukisa, they pay you for each article view. If you have a visitor read 10 of your articles then you get paid for all ten articles that visitor read.

Regardless of what your topic is, if you write one article day for Examiner, you can easily earn $150.00 or more a month. After 6 months of writing 1 article per day then there is no reason you can not be making at least $500 a month on Examiner.

Each day post 1 new Examiner article. It is very easy to do with Examiner. Examiner prefers short articles. If you are making $500 a month then that is about $16.00 a day. Between Examiner and InfoBarrel you are now pulling in around $31.00 per day.

With combined earnings of around $31.00 a day you are still short $69.00. In order to reach your writing goals you want NEED to continue publishing daily on both Examiner and InfoBarrel.

TextBroker is a way you can earn fast money upfront for writing articles. The pay is not much but the articles can be written fast in many cases. You can use TextBroker to supplement you writing income. TextBroker is not a residual site. You write an article for a client and then that client owns the article. You can no longer use the article anywhere else.

Other Writing Sites
There are many other content sites you can write for online. Some are residual and some are up front payments. The best 2 sites to concentrate on are Examiner and InfoBarrel.

If you spend the next year writing 4 articles day for InfoBarrel and 1 per day for Examiner then you should be very close to your goal. Depending on your SEO skills, you may be close to $100 per day or you may be well over that amount. If you are earning $50.00 a day you will have a lot of motivation to keep writing for both InfoBarrel and Examiner.

Some companies such as Demand Studios or Internet Brands pays higher per article then TextBroker. If you are getting paid $15.00 and article then you may be able to make $100 pretty quickly. The problem is if you go on vacation or end up in the hospital and are not able to write, your earnings end.

By using residual websites such as Examiner and InfoBarrel you will always have a steady stream of income coming. You will need to write a lot more, but in the long run the residual earnings can easily add up to large amounts each month.

Another popular way of adding to your monthly earnings is by starting a blog. You can link to your articles off of your blog and can also monetize your blog with Google Adsense or other advertisers. You can make you blog profitable plus drive traffic to your Examiner and InfoBarrel articles to earn further revenue off of those articles.

In Short Bukisa for the most part is a complete waste of time. The only exception is if you have an article about something such as a Nude Beach. This article only gets PSA ads from Google. You do not get paid on the PSA ads. Your Examiner topic has absolutely nothing too do with Nude Beaches, so you can take this article and place it on Bukisa where it will earn some money. It probably only be a few cents each month, but at least it is earning some money.

If you truly want to build up your residual earnings to $100 each day then focus on InfoBarrel and Examiner. Keep plugging away and adding new content. If you keep on a steady pace your earnings will increase. If you can focus foe one year on adding 3-4 articles per day to InfoBarrel and 1 article per day on Examiner, I think you will be shocked at how fast you can reach your goal of earning $100 per day by writing online.