Farmville is a very popular Facebook game that allows players to create their own avatar and build their own farm. There are many different ways to earn coins in Farmville on Facebook. This article will teach you how to earn coins fast in Farmville on Facebook.

Things You Will Need

Facebook account

Farmville character

Step 1

Start out by adding Farmville to your Facebook profile if you do not already have this application. You can do this by logging into your Facebook account and clicking on the applications button. Now click on browse applications and search for Farmville. Once you have added Farmville to your Facebook profile, you can create your character and start building your farm.

Step 2

Plow land so that you will be able to harvest plants on it. Try to use most of the land for harvesting but leave a small area for trees, animals, etc. Start harvesting strawberries on Farmville. The strawberries take a short amount of time to harvest but will give you a decent amount of coins. Make sure that you log into Farmville on Facebook every time your strawberries are ready so that they do not spoil. Harvesting strawberries is one of the fastest ways to earn coins in Farmville on Facebook.

Step 3

Celebrate with friends in Farmville on Facebook. Each time a friend levels up or earns a ribbon in Farmville, they will post something on your wall that will allow you to celebrate with them. Go to your wall and search for people offering to celebrate with you in Farmville. Depending on what you are celebrating, you will gain a certain amount of coins. This is a great way to earn fast, easy coins in Farmville on Facebook.

Step 4

Help friends on their farms in Farmville. Add your friends as neighbors on Farmville and you will be able to help them with small jobs on their farms and earn some extra coins. Make sure that you help all of your Farmville neighbors daily so that you can earn the most amount of coins possible each day in Farmville on Facebook. Logging into Farmville daily will give you a much better chance of earning coins fast because you will be able to harvest more plants, help more friends and celebrate more often. Use all of these tips to earn coins fast in Farmville.


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