You can earn extra cash by recycling old electronics.

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Electronic recycling is an ideal way to earn extra money. It gives you the opportunity to make some extra cash, while helping the environment. According to the website, each year Americans generate approximately 3 million tons of electronic waste of which only about 15 percent is recycled. The discarded items include televisions, laptops, computers, printers, monitors, ink cartridges, and cell phones. Besides containing toxic materials, which can harm the environment, electronics also contain precious metals. Recovering such metals and other valuable materials could help to conserve natural resources. Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to earn extra money while recycling electronics, you have multiple options.

1. Earn extra money with unwanted electronics. People often post unwanted electronics that they need to get rid of on Craigslist under the “Free Stuff” section.  Simply respond to the ads and let the poster know that you are available to pick up the item. Make arrangements to pick up the item at a time convenient for both parties. Look for other online free cycle sites in your area to increase the possibilities of finding electronics.   

2. Turn your broken electronics into extra money. Here are some ideas. 

  • Late model electronics - Have a technician inspect the item. Determine if it’s worth fixing it and then selling it for cash.  Another option is to post an ad and sell the item “as is.” Electronic resale shops often purchase broken electronics and fix them for resell.
  • Old broken electronics - Take the items to a recycling center. Opt for recycling centers that will purchase the items from you. Some centers help the community by providing free recycling services but do not provide compensation. However, if your goal is to earn extra money, it will not benefit you.  
  • Older working electronics - Post the items for sale in local newspapers or on craigslist. Students, single moms, and young adults starting out on their own often look for affordable items. Make sure the item works properly before placing the ad. 

3. Earn extra money through online recycling centers. Once you choose a center, you will generally need to enter some information about the item. Such information includes the manufacturer, features, and type of item. You will then receive a quote. If you accept the offer, the company will either allow you to print a shipping label or mail it to you. The next step is to ship your item and wait for your check. The method of compensation might vary, depending on the company. Here are two examples of online recycling companies. 


If you choose to earn extra money through electronic recycling, choose a recycling center that offers proper disposal of any hazardous materials and metals. Reputable centers will offer a Certificate of Recycling. The certificate is an assurance that all materials and components are properly recycled or disposed of and will not end up in landfills. Consumers often discard their unwanted electronics because they don’t want to bother with taking the items to a recycling center or the time it takes to sell them. Picking up old electronics is a way to help others, earn extra money and help the planet.


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