Christmas is just around the corner! Most of us could use a little extra money to help out with all the extras that come with the holidays. Normally we just think of earning money to buy presents, but there are other expenses during the holidays as well, such as gifts, food, wrapping, and decorations. So what options are there to make some extra cash?

Retail/department store – probably the most common and obvious choice. Also probably the easiest, since stores always need extra help during the holidays. Ask the management if they offer employee discounts for part-time help. A lot of stores do and this can help with the costs as well, especially if it is a place you plan on doing Christmas shopping anyway.

Pizza Delivery/takeout delivery – again, flexible, and the potential for large tips. Usually during the holidays there are a lot more businesses that utilize these services, and they tend to be more generous with tips.

UPS/FedEx – although it may be a little more difficult to get a job with them, it's worth looking into. They also have seasonal and part-time positions. Plus the rumor is the pay is pretty good.

Waiter/Waitress – restaurants usually ramp up this time of year and hire extra seasonal help. Flexible hours and a potential for great tips are attractive. Also look for restaurants or catering services that need setup/breakdown and serving help.

Festivals - Many states and cities around the US, whether large or small, have some type of festival that usually begins in the fall and lasts through the holidays. Some examples include state fairs, Renaissance festivals, and cultural festivals. Why not check them out if you need extra spending money for the holidays? They usually range from one weekend to several so the timing is flexible.

Sell your stuff! - Whether you do it online at an auction site or hold a garage sale, selling household items is a quick way to earn extra cash AND clean your house for the holidays! Don't forget Craigslist and you local community websites to advertise garage sales. Especially Craigslist; it's free and you might be surprised at the increase in traffic and interest online postings bring.

Think outside the box - What about personal services? They are more necessary this time of year than any other! Housekeeping, babysitting, dog-walking, personal shopping…the list is endless. Or how about stuffing and addressing envelopes for the popular folks' Christmas card lists? Posting ads on community websites or Craigslist is usually free or a small charge. Be creative and have a sense of humor when writing the ad so it gets noticed.

The biggest benefit of most of the suggestions listed above is time flexibility. Of course the end goal is to make money, but most people have a full-time job already and need to work around it.

And finally, if you are serious about earning extra money for the holidays, start planning early. Don't wait until November to start applying for part-time jobs or organizing a garage sale. August or September is a great time to clean and organizing your home and figuring out what to sell. September/October time frame isn't too early to put in applications at the stores.