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Bitcoin is the new virtual currency that is really getting everyone's attention now. Many people want to earn them. There are still many ways to do so, and more ways are being added all the time. Like real money, bitcoins can be earned in various ways. You can invest dollars in order to get prepared or you can do it the free way. Here you will learn a little about both, but we'll concentrate on some exciting free opportunities.

First, bitcoins, (known by the currency symbol "BTC"), are strictly a virtual currency. That means that they do not exist in a physical sense. You can get items that do have a value on them such as "1 BTC", but these are in no way official. It is your choice whether you accept such an item as being worth the indicated value. It's like how you might treat a penny. You can accept it at face value or not. The difference is, of course, that a bank or the United States government will redeem your penny for one cent in alternate goods or currency. There is no such authority with BTC. People either accept them or not. You may want to find out more about the virtual currency at an introductory article.

Getting Free Bitcoins
There are many ways in which you can earn free bitcoins. You can watch videos, view web pages, answer surveys, or perform similar tasks on your computer. There are many such opportunities. Many of these methods, however, pay very little for your effort. Still, your involvement is quite easy. You do the small amount of "work" and you get paid a small amount of the virtual currency. Note that the heading to this section is a link to one such service, "Bitvisitor". They are one of the best.

Bitvisitor offers affiliate relationships. The link is actually for the author's affiliate code. By clicking on it, you get exactly the same rewards for your work and I get a small additional payment as well. I will also offer you my appreciation as well. Thank-you. Of course, you do not have to reward me at all but it does not actually cost you anything to do so. Thanks again!

A Kindle publication that provides a primer for those new to the BTC.

Mining Free Bitcoins
Unfortunately, mining bitcoins can be free but the payback is now quite poor. In the beginning, as in 2010 or 2011, it was quite easy to mine bitcoins using any available computer. The process involves using processing cycles to solve advanced encryption problems in exchange for a BTC reward. The earliest miners found the pickings to be very easy, but the value they received was very low. Using ordinary equipment, they could generate thousands of units per day. Shortly later, processing became more difficult. In 2013, mining has become quite complicated, generally requiring expensive, custom processing gear. As a result, extraction is essentially no longer free. Instead, you must consider return on investment. If you devote an amount of money to the effort, you may see it paid back in perhaps three months. Only after that will you see a profit. Advanced study of mining is required before you embark on the process.

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This is the kind of specialized gear that is required. Serious commitment, indeed.

Using Bitvisitor

Bitvisitor presents you with a screen that asks for your bitcoin address and an image verification prompt. After that, you are presented with a web site which offers you a small amount in exchange for your attention. After perhaps five minutes, your committment is finished and you have earned the reward. You can then click to another site and earn more. Some of the sites present videos for you to watch. Some have cute games that you can play. Some are front doors to casino operations which will allow you to play games for real. Since the value of BTC has increased to such a high level of late, you should be very careful before sending anything to these operators.

Watching Video for Free Coins
If you would rather, you may go to a web site that pays you to watch various videos for various amounts of time. Each action lets you earn free bitcoin fractions. This site pays you  10 uBTC per viewing action. Some may be a minute, some two. Many of the videos are quite well done. They may show interesting commercials, new musical acts, or other random clips which need some attention. The time required from you is actually quite low and the payback is relatively high. They also offer affiliate relationships, (such as the link here). When you watch, yours truly will receive an extremely low amount as well. This comes from the service, not you. As a result, if you click here, it actually costs you nothing and you earn more gratitude from me.

What to do With Your Free Earnings?
When you actually earn "real" funds from your online work, you can keep a postive balance in your own wallet. These can be traded for many thousands of actual items. Some bars and restaurants accept BTC as payment. You can buy services, hire staff and procure many things that ordinarily cost real cash. You can also exchange your virtual currency for hard money in your choice of dollars, pounds, Euros and other. You can also hang onto your total and wait to see if they increase in value. Perhaps today your 1 uBTC is worth a fraction of a US cent. In time, it may become worth much, much more. Some people theorize that the virtual currency is destined to become extremely valuable in the future. Your free earnings today could translate into a substantial sum in the future. In any event, it only costs a little of your time to start to earn free BTC. Hopefully you gain substantially from the effort but if not, it will only have cost you a little time. You may even have some fun in while you do.[1]

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More About Bitcoin

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System [Illustrated]
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(price as of Oct 28, 2015)
The original specification for the peer-to-peer currency by the unknown inventor.