Earning Money From Home

Do you want some side cash but don't want to take up side jobs or get a second, third, fourth job? Do you have a youtube account and want to make money off your own videos? What about a blog you write in that has followers and thought, how can I make money from this? 

Well I recently discovered a little helpful google product called adsense that puts ads on your blog, youtube videos, etc. For every click you get on connected pages/sites you receive a certain amount of money from a few cents to dollars depending on how many clicks you get. I have earned a little over 5 dollars so far in the past few months, but I don't have many views on youtube so I am on the lower end of people who earn money. 

I recently connected my adsense account to a hubpages account and started writing articles on subjects I knew about and had often searched myself. Thinking I could help people who also had problems with what I was writing about while earning money. It has been a little less than a week, with a hub written every day and I have gotten one click, but I assume it will go up once I get more followers and write more articles.

This site, infobarrel, also has adsense connectivity on it but I haven't written any article other than this one so I haven't earned anything so far on this. I like the idea of google adsense and without it I wouldn't have thought about writing articles on websites, not finding out I actually enjoy doing it. 

So basically, if you have a youtube account with decent views (or even not, like me) or you just like writing on sites like this, hubpages, ehow, etc. you should make one of these adsense accounts and earn a few cents. It's free and you can't lose anything by trying it, just go to google.com/adsense to sign up for a free account and get started. There is a waiting time for the account to getconfirmed and activated and such but after that connect all your websites and get writing.

Don't write articles for keywords though, you can get your account banned and then you won't earn any money at all. Write about what you enjoy while using some keywords in your titles and subtitles, summaries, and the keywords section. Keep in mind how someone would search for the topic you are writing about but don't make the article annoying with all the keywords.