If you are a great student or have a specific subject you are an expert in, you can make good money on the side by helping students with their homework. There are many websites on the web which are designed to match students with tutors. Some of these sites can be used right away, while others will require you to invest some time getting set up. However, once you get going, you will see that there are excellent opportunities available if you can devote some time.

Things You Will Need

The only thing you will need to begin is a computer with access to the internet. Of course, for different subjects, different tools may be helpful. You probably already have access to most of these. For example, you will often need access to a calculator (Google has a built in calculator) or a spreadsheet program (like Excel) to help students with their math homework. Or, you might need access to a periodic table to help with chemistry homework (Google to the rescue again).

Now, let's get started! I've listed three websites below that you will offer you the opportunity to make money doing homework.

Step 1

Student of Fortune Logo Student of Fortune is my personal favorite. The site operates similar to EBay. A student signs up and posts a question and says how much they are willing to pay for an explanation. Then, tutors will post their answer with a bid. Students are shown a preview of your response and, if they accept your bid, you will be paid right away and they will see your response. To give you an idea of how quickly this site can pay off, I earned over $100 in my first week. They pay through Paypal and it takes 2-4 weeks to actually receive the money.

Step 2

Justanswer (15641) Just answer is a site similar to Student of Fortune but differs in two important ways. First, to answer question here you must be a confirmed user. For example, in order to answer math questions, you must first complete a math test with the site to demonstrate your skills. Second, the site actually covers a much broader area than just student helps. If you are an expert in another field, you may be able to make even more money. The site gives you the opportunity to make more money but will require more from you upfront.

Step 3

tutorcom The last time I will discuss is Tutor.com. This site will require the most work from you but is also the most likely to guarantee you a steady income if you invest the necessary effort. Tutor.com provides live tutoring services to students in every subject area. You must go through an actual application process (similar to a new job) in order to get started here. I would recommend this for someone who already has gotten started with the previous two sites and is looking to expand.

I hope this article has shown you how you can start making money on the side by helping students with their homework. You can start making money right now and you may learn something along the way! I have found tutoring online to be a very rewarding experience. Good luck!

Tips & Warnings

Most important tip I can offer is to not plagiarize when you help students. They are paying for your input in a question. Presumably, they have already Googled their question and did not find a suitable answer. You can make a quick buck copy and pasting from the web, but this will catch up with you as students provide negative reviews.

Finally, I would suggest providing as detailed a solution as you can when helping students. I've found that a couple of well written and detailed tutorial have provided me with steady income because students come back and seek out my help specifically in the future.