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How to Earn Money Online Without Writing a Single Article

By Edited Jan 27, 2016 7 12

There Are Ways to Earn Without Typing a Single Word

As someone who has been a work at home mom since 2000, I am constantly amazed that people do not believe that I am actually earning money online. I pay for several of our regular bills from my online income, yet I still have friends whose eyes roll up when I talk about "work". To them, work means leaving the house and going to a job that causes them stress, as well as some occasional joy.

How to make Money Online Without Writing a Single Word

Recently I was sharing with my cousin, who is a high school teacher, what my husband and I do to earn money on the internet. She was amazed, as she never heard of these kinds of opportunities before. I shared with her my online income streams, which include: 

Writing on Content Sites  

My own websites and blogs 

My Kindle books



Private Facebook groups

Affiliate marketing (Amazon, Commission Junction, Linkshare, Viglink, Zazzle)

My Online bookstore

My husband takes online surveys (and makes thousands of dollars a year doing this)

Many people are looking for a way to earn additional income without putting in any additional work.  Sorry to say, those kinds of jobs do not exist (but if they do, please let me know!)

Earning money from home is one way to increase your income without having to give up your day job. Like my cousin, when people discover my “secret online career” as a writer, they are quite surprised.

But many people do not want to write or feel that they are not capable of writing. Can you earn money online without writing a single word?

Yes, you can.  Here is how.

Beyond eBay-Other Place to Sell Your Wares

There are many people who make a living on eBay because they have what people want and they willing to look for more items to list. I was an eBay seller for ten years before I stopped, and I will occasionally list a few things if I find it is worth my time.

Selling items on Craig’s List will also bring you cash and help you get rid of larger items that are too heavy to ship. 

Another way to sell items that you have is to list them on private Facebook groups. If you are a collector, chances are there is a group that sells the items you are seeking or wish to get rid of. This is like eBay without the fees. I wrote about how I sell Girl Scout badges in Girl Scout groups and am always on the lookout for these when I am in thrift store, yard sale or an online sale at Council shops. 

A different kind of Facebook selling group to use is the local yard sale groups. Maybe you have some furniture or fragile items that you are not interested in shipping. Local areas have groups that have online yard sales via Facebook.  Our local township has safety areas for these kinds of transactions in the lobby of our municipal building, as well as in the parking lot. Cameras are set up so that everyone knows they are being recorded. If you wish to use this method, always bring another person with you.

Find Goodies to Sell at Thrift Stores

Thrifting For Cash: How to Buy and Sell Goods and Make Money Fast! (Quick Cash Guide Book 2)
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Jan 27, 2016)
Once you have a group in your niche where you can sell your items, go to thrift stores to replenish your supply. In this book, Lee tells you just how to do that.

Artists Can Make Money Online

My older daughter is studying to be an elementary school teacher. The two pieces of advice I gave her were to marry rich or set up another line of income. Since she is too young to get married, she began to make designs and upload them to Zazzle.

She did not have a lot of success on that platform, so she decided to try Redbubble. It took some time, but she is now earning hundreds of dollars a month on her designs! It helped that she had a large group of friends start buying her artwork on stickers to help support her.

When other students on college campuses saw the stickers, they asked her friends where they bought them. They passed on my daughter's information and now her friends send her pictures of random strangers’ laptops that are covered in her artwork! 

Even my younger daughter has followed in her big sister’s footsteps and has sold some of her artwork on Rebubble-and these were real sales from people in other states and countries, not family buying her designs. 

Earn Money With Coupon Groups

While Extreme Couponing is no longer on television, the movement it started is still red hot. No matter what the news says, there are many people who are still struggling to make ends meet. 

There are many Facebook groups devoted to couponing and clearance sales. In fact, many of these groups are store specific. For example, I belong to the Couponing at CVS Group, Couponing at Walgreens and Target Clearance group, to name just a few.

These wonderful shoppers post their deals and break them down so you can do them as well. While some people stockpile for themselves or donate them to charity, others buy in bulk to resell at yard sales and flea markets. You are making money online by not spending any of yours, you are getting a tax write-off for your donation, or you are making cash by selling your goods.  It is all good!

Use This Guide Along With Your Online Groups

Couponing for the Beginner: A Guide to Couponing for the Uninitiated
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Jan 27, 2016)
You have to start somewhere when you are couponing. Here is a guide to help you through the very beginning stages. Use this along with the deals the groups you belong to post and start making money!

While there are other legitimate ways that you can earn money online without writing articles, these are the ones that my family and I do to fund our lives and earn some extra cash.



Jul 16, 2015 5:52pm
wow this is very informative :) cheers
Jul 17, 2015 4:20am
Thank you for reading!
Jul 17, 2015 12:22am
Thank you for this very thorough article.

There is such a variety of ways to make money on line, and I have tried a fair number. However, as a Canadian I don't have access to some of the opportunities you have described. For example, many survey companies only operate within the U.S. I actually signed up for every single survey company that was available to Canadians (I believe it was about 10) and never made anywhere near the thousands your husband is making. I have heard the same is true about couponing although I have never bothered with it.

I have found most success with webcam teaching, eBay and writing.
Jul 17, 2015 4:22am
My husband is very picky about where he spends his time online. It has to pay well. Since he has been doing it for several years, he is offered many well paying opportunities, as well as products to test. He no longer spends times on sites that take forever to make a few dollars.

Webcam teaching is a great opportunity for someone who speaks well and is not camera shy!
Jul 26, 2015 2:03am
i hope you can elaborate on how did your husband started with paid surveys so that we can check if this something we can dive into as well :)
Jul 27, 2015 5:00am
He started doing surveys on over 18 sites and then whittled it down to a few that really pay. The money total includes free product trials that we do. This month we have been taste testing juice boxes and cheese crackers, and my husband has been road testing men's tee shirts.
Jul 20, 2015 4:53am
Excellent article as usual! I am new to earning money online and will check out some of other income streams you mentioned. It's a learning experience for me but like your husband I am quite limited on time too.
Jul 21, 2015 3:05am
Time is always an issue, which is why you need to focus on one thing at a time to make something work. Yesterday I saw a deal posted on a food item my kids devour and I ran to get it. It was 81% off the regular price and marked at a different price on the shelf. Not sure how someone discovered it, but now we have a large supply that my daughter can take back to college.
Aug 9, 2015 12:02pm
What is the best website (most reliable) to earn money on?
Aug 9, 2015 2:19pm
For writing, IB is the most reliable. It is why I am still here. For other kinds of online income, it depends on what you are doing and who the audience is.
Aug 10, 2015 7:32pm
My first job was participating in the work study program at my school. Afterwards, applying for work was extremely difficult but I did managed to find online work to do that involved at least two to three survey sites. I generate minor income on ebay but don't use them unless I know something is going to sell well.

The part where you mention selling designs/artwork really caught my attention. Really surprised to see Redbubble mentioned. Might have to give them a try since things are pretty slow with the sites I utilize for artwork. I could really do with some added income sources.

Thanks for sharing this intel M3. Looking forward to giving the art tip a try.
Aug 11, 2015 4:09am
I had never heard of Redbubble, but my daughter is more hip than I am! The designs there are for a younger group, IMO, which is why she is doing well. Good luck with your designs!
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