Have you ever had a dream of writing and designing your own comic book. With today's technology there is no reason that you should not pursue your dream as a comic book writer and illustrator. There are many ways to earn money with your comic book designs. Obviously the best route would be to have a major comic company such as DC comics pick up your design and probably should. The odds of having the DC comics pick up your unique comic book designed is extremely slim. There are however numerous other ways you can capitalize on your comic book that you design draw in right from scratch.

Self publish comic books

In today's world with the World Wide Web world you can easily solve publish any comic book day you create from scratch. The major downfall to self publishing your own comic book is that you are responsible for the marketing of the comic book. You may also have to fulfill orders for your comic book. It takes a lot of time to successfully market comic books and make a profit. When you were spending all of your time marketing for comic book you no longer have time to continue doing what you like which is designing comics.

Comic Blog

You can start a blog dedicated to your comic strip. Blogs often work best for short and humorous comic strips. Although you were an independent freelance comic artist, you will be able to rapidly build the your following and the number of readers if they return each day to laughs and enjoy your daily comic strip.

You can also earn money with your comic strip blog by using in integrating Google Adsense ads for various affiliate programs that are directly related your niche and target market. We turn readers can rapidly build up a cult the following and overtime you can drive tons of visitors to your comic strips. The more visitors you have them more money can earn.

Deviant Art

Deviant Art his home to many web graphic artists. If you create the unique comic strip that is adored and loved by its readers then you can quickly build a name for yourself. This could open doors to help you get your comic strip licensed and or syndicated in newspapers around the world. Syndication does not come easily, however with a quality comic strip and proper networking you can easily syndicate your comic strip as long as you develop enough professional contacts within the business and build a loyal following of avid readers to your comic strip.

Get Your Comic Strip Read

A great benefit of publishing your comic strip on the web is that you can get feedback from followers and readers of your comic strip. The readers of your comic strip can give you feedback and ideas on how to improve your comic strip.

If you truly love designing comics and want to make a career it, then do not simply dream about being a comic strip designer. Instead of the dreaming you need to simply work on the craft that you love so much and get your comic strip seen by as many readers as possible and build a loyal following to your comic strip.

If you were create quality comic strip content you'll eventually be able to earn money off of the comic strip. You may get picked up by DC comics but don't plan on this happening. With proper planning and a lot of hard work and consistently creating new comic strips for your characters you will be able to earn money off of your content with the ads and affiliate marketing regardless of your socioeconomic status.