Make money at home working part time

Are you one of those creative types of people that can turn their hand to anything?If so then you could put your creativity into making you some money in your spare time.



This article will show you how to earn money from home with a cake decorating business.Of course before you can do this you would need to gain some experience from doing a course through your local Tafe or university, this will depend on where you live and what is available.


Once you have done the course you will also have an idea on whether you would enjoy doing it as a part or full time home business.


Make your first cake and give it as a gift to find out how good you are.If you are successful, then ask your friends if they would be prepared to pay you to make them.



Health Regulations

Cleanliness is very important. You need to be scrupulously clean when making anything at all in your kitchen.You would not want a friend to become ill after eating your wonderful cake masterpiece. Check with your local health department or council to find out what the requirements are for preparing foods in your own kitchen.



Once you have that sorted out then you are on your way.Although before you get too excited; there are a few things that you would need before actually starting a business whether part or full time.



Things you will need:

  • Cake decorating supplies; different shape cake pans, icing bags and various nozzles, and icing supplies and colorings
  • A binder with colored pictures of a variety of cakes for every occasion, like weddings, birthdays, children's parties, anniversaries and don't forget the novelty occasions.
  • Cake decorating equipment
  • Business cards which you could make on your computer and print up yourself until you earn more money
  • A computer or book to keep accurate records of bookings and sales; you would not want to lose a customer's phone number
  • Cake recipe books and cake decorating books to obtain fresh ideas to include in your binder



Prepare and be organized

Before you advertise it would be a good idea to make up some of things before hand.Leaves and flowers are time consuming to make.So if you can make these ahead of time and seal them in a container you will have a head start. You can also buy premade things for some decorations although you would be best to start out making your own so people can see how experienced you are.


Once you make these, take photos of them and include them in your binder.Divide your binder into different categories or if you prefer make a new binder for each occasion.




Start as a part time home business

If you start out doing this as a part time home business, then as you obtain more confidence and you become more known for your work you will need to advertise.Print up some small notices on your computer and place them on your local school or community and sporting notice boards.This will save you expensive advertising.




Create a Web site or Blog

As you get more confident you could create a web site or blog to show the world what you do. Include photos of the types of cakes you can or have made.Supply some personal information for them to contact you with ordering information.You would also need to add a secure payment option like PayPal as you do not want to risk nonpayment for your wonderful creative cakes.





Allow satisfied customers the option of leaving comments on how much they appreciated or loved your cakes and the way you decorated each cake.This will encourage more customers.






Keep accurate records

It is very important to keep accurate records as your business grows.Pricing your cake decorating creations is very important. You need to make sure you are not spending more on the cake and cake decorating products than you are making or you will not have a business at all.




Bookkeeping Software

When you start you could use a spreadsheet to keep your records of expenses and income.Use separate columns for each type of expense and then one for income.That way you will see at a glance whether you have made a profit or not. As your business grows you could buy some bookkeeping software once you have made some money and you know that you will continue to make the business grow.




If you have followed the above information on how to earn money from home with a cake decorating business, then I am sure you will be successful.



Or if this type of home business does not appeal to you at all the why not look and see how else you could earn money working from home with a different type of home business.