Webanswers can take a while to warm up to, and is very similar to any other website that produces residual income for its users. When I began at Webanswers it was very slow, and I eventually gave up on the site and went my separate way. I was not patient enough, and potentially lost out on a great amount of residual income. After a month and half I decided to check my Google Adsense account to see if I had made a few dollars. What I saw was a shock to me, and not something I could imagine. My Google Adsense was showing around $60 made in the last 25 days.

My inability to stick with Webanswers and the slow beginning period most likely cost me at least another $60. I spend a small amount of time there, and I continue to earn around the same amount each month. This is a great way to supplement my other writing endeavors, and allow me to spice up my writing life. The community there is extremely friendly, and has taught me a lot about how I can continue to make a steady stream of residual income, as well as slowly increase how much I make at Webanswers.

Quality answers will always do better than poor answers. Therefore, take your time and answer everything to the fullest of your ability, and research if you need to. It isn't much different then writing articles. You always want to spell correctly, and use correct grammar to the best of your ability. The rule of thumb that is often passed around on Webanswers is that after 1000 quality answers you will begin to make pay out every month on Adsense. However, I'm right around 300 answers and I make it at least half way every month, and I believe that is a testimony to providing good answers. 1000 answers may seem like an extremely high number. It isn't, and can be reached quite quickly as many answers to not need extensive answers.

Using popular keywords will also go a long way to helping you make more on Webanswers. I, myself do not pay much attention to this, and only answer questions that I can do so quickly. Mostly because many of the higher paying keywords are in areas that I don't have any sort of expertise. For instance, the legal section on Webanswers seems to provide many people with great income. I can't answer this questions quickly, or very easily as my knowledge is lacking in this area.

Quantity, while I did say quality was more important you won't make much by only answering 25 questions. Therefore, you must stick with it and get to around at least 500 answers and judge from there. Keep in mind it may take a month of two before you really start showing a profit from this. Often times people become discouraged and stop coming back.

The most important tip is to be patient, and this pertains to any residual income site that you are a part of. Earning residual income has never been an easy task, and many people fail because they get discouraged to fast. Therefore, they never give any of the sites a true chance, and this will always lead to failure when attempting to make money. If you do not have the patience to use a site such as Webanswers then it may not be the place for you. However, it is a great opportunity, and if you decide to take the challenge. I would like to wish you "good luck", and I hope you can replicate the same success and more than I have.