There are several ways to earn online. Many people who are willing to earn money online are also setting a goal and their time of how much they are willing to devote themselves into it. So their earnings could range from a couple of dollars or even up to a thousand each month.

For those who are constantly on their computer in order to earn then they'll likely to receive a bigger income every month. These people are the ones who usually love to see their email boxes with a message informing them that they've received a check or PayPal payment. 

The steps below will make you earn money online.

Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Effort and patience
  • Time
    • 1

      Become an online writer. All you have to do is share your unique and helpful ideas and you can earn some money online. There are many websites today that offer online writers income through their written articles. One example of a good paying site for your original articles is eHow. 

      If you plan to become a writer online, you need to provide quality and invaluable information to share to the online community. There are other legitimate paying sites that you can also write for if you really want to concentrate on earning through writing articles.

    • 2

      Participate in taking legitimate surveys online and at the same time enjoy receiving points and prizes. There were many people who reported that they mainly do this as a hobby because it does not pay more compared to article paying sites but they could still earn a little.

    • 3

      Purchase your own website and optimize it. You can start a website because you may want your hobby to be seen by people or just want to write what you know, share it to others and publish it. 

      If you'll place a lot of quality content into your website, the good news is that you can even earn from your own hobby or what you love to write if you'll apply for Google Adsense, Kontera or Amazon. If approved, your website will start earning money by the time people start to view and click on the ads that are found in your website.

    • 4

      Become a personal shopper. There are busy people out there who wants somebody to shop for them because they have no time to do this type of thing. This is nice job if you enjoy shopping and at the same time you get paid.

    • 5

      Do some typing work online and earn some cash. This is one of the most in demand type of "work at home" jobs today. Clerical work as well as data entry positions are also in demand right now.

    • 6

      Earn by referring others from the sites that you are connected with. If you're a member of a site that offer referral bonus then you can earn from it by simply referring your friends and then you'll get paid for all those referrals. It will depend on the site that you had joined into of how much they'll give you so check first their terms of use and policy before doing so.

Tips & Warnings

  • There are other ways to earn money online. Some ventures may only require your time and effort with your internet connection and computer at home while others really demand a particular hardware, a warehouse, a few people plus a hundred dollars in equipment. Some could make you earn a really big income while others may just cover a small amount for your grocery bills.

  • It is true that there are new ways to earn money online but people need to be careful too. There is a growing number of scam sites out there built by fraudsters especially with survey sites. You can learn more information by simply researching through the internet on how to earn online from various reliable websites written by experienced online workers/agents/entrepreneurs.