How to Earn Passive Income: Five IdeasCredit: samuelcool8

(Credit: samuelcool8)

Slogging by every month at your full-time job? Earning an income doesn't have to stop at your monthly salary.

1. Freelancing

Got a skill and a full-time job? How about using that same skill to earn some freelance income in your free time?

Examples range from freelance writing, illustration, proofreading, photography, tutoring, graphic design, building websites for people, interior design, the list goes on.

2. Become a Used-Goods Entrepreneur

We all fall prey to impulse shopping every now and then. Why not amass your used good items and sell them at a local flea market or online?

Stock items include clothing, electronic goods, home deco items, books, kitchenware, you name it, there's probably one of it in the house.

More ideas on how to get stock:

  • Go to Craigslist, pick up free items and sell these over at your own flea market or yard sale for a profit
  • Go to thrift stores or other flea markets to pick up deals you could flip on Ebay for a profit
  • Solicit used/good items from friends and relative and offer to sell their items for a commission

3. Do Paid Surveys Online 

 Have you heard of being paid to do surveys online? It should be free to sign up and legitimate. Although you can't really control the number of surveys you're eligible to take and this won't make you rich fast, it can nevertheless offset that morning cup of coffee or bagel.

Some survey sites such as iPanelonline provide referral links where you get points for referring others. Again, it's all free to sign up and in the name of good ol' market research.

4. Play at Musical Gigs

Many are called, but few are chosen? Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Can you play a musical instrument and/or sing well but aren't professional? Better still, been practicing like a fiend and are dying to show off your talent? Look for gigs through a vast network of friends, via newspaper and/or online advertisements and music forums. You just never know when that $100 tip may come your way.

Alternatively, how about entertaining passers-by on the street? Pair up with a friend or go solo to sing or strum for your supper, and just have fun while the pennies roll in.

5. Write for Infobarrel

Infobarrel.pngCredit: infobarrel

Do you like writing? Why not get paid to write for InfoBarrel?

All you have to do is focus on churning out original, quality content. The best part: InfoBarrel manages your ads and lets you add Amazon affiliate links so you can earn revenue. Best of all, it's free to sign up.

InfoBarrel also has a user-friendly editor and a great support system -both the admin and fellow IBers are there to answer your queries through articles and forums. And unlike managing your own website or weblog, there are no technical issues.

If you're bored, get inspiration from other writers.


6. Walk Dogs

earn extra cash 6. walk dogsCredit: public domain

Are you a dog lover? Walking dogs could be a profitable venture, but not necessarily as easy as snapping on a leash for some exercise. The dog has to be comfortable around you. For that to happen, you need to be comfortable around dogs.

If you're a student looking to earn extra money, busy neighbours could be your first clients. Some owners might even pay others to walk their dog at lunchtime when they're at the office. Remember that your real clients are the humans, not the dogs. So, people skills are important.

If you're into more serious dog-walking for a business, you need to be more organised, have great time management (when to pick up Fido, Butch, Sally etc.) and great flexibility for good rapport with every dog!

In time to come, you could even add extra services to walking e.g. transportation to the vet, groomers, feeding, training, etc.

6. Wash Cars

Start a community car wash, get the entire family involved and earn some extra bucks over the weekend.

And who said car washing was easy? You'll probably feel muscles aching in places you never thought existed. Talk about getting fit and rich all at once!

7. Mow Lawns

Credit: public domain

(Credit: Stug.stug)

This might sound like another vacation job. On the other hand, it's really flexible. Zero prerequisites and applicable to all ages from 12-92. Think of all those lawns waiting to be mowed and cash waiting to be earned.


8. Tutor Kids

Did you do well in school and are particularly strong in a subject, or better still, are or were once a full-time certified teacher?

These days, there's a market for tutors in just about every academic subject, and at all levels. Even adults taking part-time degrees might need a tutor on the side to get pass that exam. Some sites even offer virtual tutor services. All you need is good knowledge in a subject and the willingness to help students.

Most people post flyers just about anywhere to solicit business, but that doesn't work, in my opinion. Start small, perhaps with your own kids or younger cousins and you never know where that might lead. Word of mouth referrals from happy parents or students themselves could get you much farther than mere professional certification.