How to Make Passive Income in an Honest Way


For many people looking at the business model of passive income from outside there are plenty of reasons to convince them that get rich schemes are as scammy as they always were and this alone would understandably scare them away at the first opportunity. For others who have followed and learnt from the people who are living the reality this is absolutely somewhere that money can be made where tools have been laid on a plate for any bidding creative entrepreneur who can learn and take action.  As the world becomes more transparent and social networks are a tool used by all businesses looking to reach global audiences, the obvious answer is to start online in order to keep up with the competition.

The idea behind passive income however is that once established, these businesses can keep running twenty four hours a day allowing creative people with many dreams and ideas to follow more and more paths once each has been sufficiently obsessed over enough! This is by no means a quick fix as any business that is to have some sustainability will need to be focused on for many months and set up in such a way that there will only have to be minimal maintenance on the site, this is known as being automated . 

Automation is the key to any business with passive income but in order for the automation to work there will have to be connections with communities who will buy your product or follow you as someone they can take something away from. This is why building relationships is so important on blogs and  social networks to bring an air of trust in a world where people can't always be trusted.

There are many different ways to earn money online if you have integrity, you know where to look and you work hard at it.

Revenue sharing websites - If you are here, you have probably seen the business model so I'll go no further!

Blogs - This is similar to independent journalism except you can write about what you want and people with similar interests will become part of your business or community. Make sure to learn about SEO and backlinking  as these are always very helpful to get you noticed but most of all write about something you live and breath otherwise you will soon burn out and so will your following. Don't chase the money only the dream!

Affiliate Marketing - This is a process where your blog or business will promote a product for an existing company and generate leads for them. When a buying customer is lead through from your site, you earn commission on every converted sale. This can be highly rewarding if the work and research is put in but can often be low converting if the market is saturated. The key is low competition and high search volume!

Software Development - For those who aren't technically minded the idea of html and coding would just be a no go, however if you have  a friend who does know how to use HTML and you have a background in photoshop then you could well be more qualified than you think.

Digital Products - These can be a perfect medium for an artist, a writer or pretty much anyone. Digital products include eBooks, videos, podcast and many more and can be a perfect accompaniment to a business or used as a free incentive to sign up to your email list.

There are so  many other ways to really earn money online doing something you love as this has the ability to bring the whole world to your office if you know where to find them.

I would say follow people you know have done this very same thing and you will find that they have had the same thought as you, the only difference is, they took action!!