Everyone agrees that times are hard right now. The question is how to make ends meet during these rough times. The following ideas may not cover all of your bills, but can provide a little extra cushion that you can save for emergencies, or use to buy a small luxury like a cup of coffee. These tips will help you earn money now.

Things You Will Need

Drive Persistence

Step 1

Get a job. If you don't have a job, keep your eyes open. Jobs pop up in some pretty unlikely places. Network with friends and others in your field. Open your mind to different job possibilities. If you already have a job, now is not the time to quit.

Step 2

Let interest work for you. If you have any spare money at all, get it into an interest bearing account. If you have credit card debt, pay it down because by avoiding paying interest it is functionally the same as if you earn a bit more cash.

Step 3

Work overtime. A good way to earn money now is to get extra work hours.

Step 4

Sell some of your belongings. See what you can do without and post it on ebay, or craigslist, or hold a garage sale.

Step 5

Investigate ways to make money online. Find a site that pays for content that you are interested in. For example, some sites pay for articles, others pay for photos. It may not be a lot of money at first, but over time it can give you an extra stream of income.

Step 6

Don't wait to get started. Take a step today to earn money now.

Tips & Warnings