Activities to Earn the Girl Sports Try It

Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Sport Try It is a lot of fun for the girls in your troop. Second and third graders need a lot of motion, and this is the Try-It to do!

Before you plan to earn this badge, you will need to make sure that it is a good weather day, so check the long-range forecast. Have a back-up plan for a different Try-it in case the weather does not cooperate. The best case scenario, you don't use it and you are prepared for the next meeting!

What to Do Before the Meeting

Make sure to send an email to the parents asking them to make sure their daughter is wearing sneakers and that they have a jacket or coat if the weather is chilly on the day of the meeting. Since this meeting will be held outdoors, you cannot do these activities without proper footwear and outerwear.Talk to your co-leader about the activities you will be doing. The Brownie Girl Scout Try It Handbook has activities for you to do, but you do not have to do those particular ones. As long as the activity is sports related, it will work. Because each Brownie Girl Scout Try It requires four activities, you need to figure out if you will need additional help. If you do, email parents to volunteer for this meeting.Once you have chosen the activities, make sure you have the items you need. Pack the bag a few days before so you are not panicking about where the soccer ball is!

Activities to Earn The Brownie Girl Sports Try It

Since we did this activity in mid-November and we meet after school, I made the executive decision to count the girls in my troop's gym class or outside sport that they played as one activity. That meant my co-leader and I were responsible for three others.

Here is What My Troop Did to Earn This Badge

After stretching, we had about fifteen minutes for each sports station that we were going to have the girls do. We explained each station before doing it.

We did the soccer station first. My divided the girls up into groups of two and had them kick the ball around the soccer cones that we had brought. After they did that for a few rounds, we had them pair up and practice kicking and stopping the ball with their feet. If you have an odd number, simply make one group of three girls.

The next station was throwing and catching a ball. We used tennis balls as that is what we had and no gloves were required. The girls tossed them close to each other, and then we had them take a step backwards after each throw. This elicited a lot of giggles and a lot of running exercise!

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The last station was a jump rope station. Before the meeting, I emailed the girls' parents and asked them to please put a jump rope in their daughter's Brownie bag for this. Since each girl had their own rope, we had them jump for different lengths of time-first five seconds, then ten, then twenty, etc. Then we had them jump for as long as they could and see who could be the last one standing!

We did a short cool down and then it was time to pack up and go home.

If you need other activities to do to earn the Brownie Girl Sport Try it, you can

Do Hula Hoops

Run-sprints, distance

Play basketball if a court with a net is available

Play wall ball if you have a wall ball court

Earning the Girl Sport Try It is an active and inexpensive patch for your Girl Scout troop to earn.

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