You Can Earn Multiple Daisy Petals All at Once

Updated 2018

If you find yourself short on meeting dates, you can use this activity to earn three Daisy petals at once-orange, rose, and spring green. Helping your Girl Scout Daisies earn their petals is fun. Their enthusiasm is infectious! With ten petals and the center to work on, doing activities to finish the daisy takes up the bulk of your time together. Doing a project for multiple petals is also a good way to revisit the petals you have already earned.

How to Earn Three Daisy Petals With One Pringles CanCredit: Pixabay

Photo from Pixabay and altered by the author in Canva


Things You Will Need

A Pringles can that has been washed out by hand with a slighlty wet and soapy sponge

9 x 12 construction paper of the same color-enough for each girl

A small strip of construction paper in a contrasting color for the bottom

Magic markers

Coupons for chores made on the computer and cut out

Glue and scotch tape

Introducing the Daisy Petals Being Earned Today

Step 1

Tell the girls they are going to earn three petal today-orange (responsible for what I say and do), rose (make the world a better place) and green (use resources wisely). They are going to reuse the Pringles can (recycling) and decorate them. Then they will put their chore coupons inside (being responsible and making the world better).

Credit: Pixabay


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Step 2

Give each girl a piece of construction paper to decorate any way they would like with the magic markers. Brainstorm some ideas if any of the girls is having problems trying to design. Be sure that the girl's name appears somewhere on the can.

Step 3

When the girl is done, have her put glue on the back side of the paper and glue it to the can. Tape down the sides where they meet. Glue and put the extra strip of construction paper and glue it to so none of the can is showing.

Step 4

Have the girls put their coupons inside. The coupons can say things like "I will help wash the dishes", "I will clean my room for ten minutes" or "I will help fold the laundry". Place the plastic lids back on the can.


Credit: Pixabay

Washable markers are a must have when working with young children.

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Reusing items not only shows the girls how to make something from nothing, it also helps keep your dues in the bank! Can you think of some other ways to earn Daisy petals with one Pringles can?

Tips & Warnings

*Send an email or note a few weeks before the craft to the Daisy parents to start looking for an empty Pringles can.

*This activity requires at least three adults.

*Before the meeting, type of the coupons (at least five) on the computer in a pretty font using different colors. Depending on the size you use, you can fit eight-to ten on one page. Cut into strips and paper clip together. You can either keep the same ones together and hand out at the meeting or put all five in a bundle and paper clip them together to hand out all at once.