Here is How to Earn Multiple Daisy Petals During One Girl Scout Meeting

As a Daisy Scout leader, you are responsible for activities to earn Daisy petals for your troop. Since a young troop is starting out, there is very little money in the troop bank account. Therefore, it is your responsibility  to make good use of whatever dues you collect.

The following activity costs very little money. It is a great craft to do in the spring, especially around Earth Day on April 22nd. This craft is not only inexpensive, but your girls can also earn three Daisy petals:

Green-Use Resources Wisely

Yellow-Friendly and Helpful

Rose-Make the World a Better Place

 How to Earn Three Daisy Petals with One Two Liter BottleCredit:

Photo from Pixabay 

Before the Meeting

About two weeks before your meeting, send an email to the parents to let them know that you will be needing a washed out two liter soda bottle that has already been cut in half. The bottom half will be used as a planter. As always, be sure to bring an extra one or two for those girls who forget to bring the needed materials.

You will also need to buy:

Potting soil (a five pound bag should be enough)

One package of daisy seeds

Small gardening shovel



Water can or cup for watering

Sharpie marker

Stickers to decorate

You will also have to get a copy of one of my favorite children's books, Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney.


At the Meeting

As always, at the start of the meeting, we talked about the petals we were going to earn and what they meant. Then I read Miss Rumphius. This story ties in directly with all three petals. Miss Rumphius promises her grandfather that she will make the world a better place. The book tells how she goes about doing this, despite physical obstacles of her own.

After you read and discuss the story, have each girl take out her two liter bottle. Before you begin, write the girls' names on the bottom and at the very top with the Sharpie marker. Help the girls fill them with soil and poke holes in it with the pencil. Drop in the seeds and cover them up with the dirt. Lightly water the soil so it is moist. The girls can decorate the bottle with the stickers that you have brought.

For early finishers, be sure to have some coloring pages or some puzzle pages handy. If you are doing a perpetual Girl Scout scrapbook, be sure to take a photo of the girl and her plant.

At the next few meetings, ask the girls about their plant's progress!

This simple activity is perfect for earning the green Daisy petal, yellow Daisy petal and the rose Daisy petal.