In a competitive environment, job promotions can be hard to come by. But if you work hard and impress the right people you may be able to land a good job promotion without that much of a wait or hassle. This can seem like a daunting task when you first think about it. It may seem almost impossible just to get noticed by the right people. But, in reality, it only takes one act of genius, or near genius, to impress the most important person in the company. Do that and you are in. That may not be a possibility, as genius is hard to come by, but you can still impress the right people by following this approach.

Lombardi Time

You need to be fifteen minutes early for everything. Yes I said everything. Come to work early, get to meetings early, turn your assignments in early. Just make sure that you don't do anything early without being prepared. Timeliness is a key feature in businesses. It is much easier to receive negative attention for being late, than it is to receive positive attention for being early. Being fifteen minutes early allows you some leeway if you are running late. You may just get there on time. If you are early, it will appear that you are prepared and eager, even if you aren't.


Do something ingenious, or something that will help make your company money in some way. Automate a process to improve accuracy and efficiency or create a program that will analyze data. You can do a lot of things that will seem like genius when viewed by your superiors. Just make sure they know about it, and you take the credit.

Show Time

Sometimes it is good to put in a little show time. Just make sure that you are still there when the boss leaves. This will look good because you will appear to be dedicated to your work and not just worried about the clock.

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil

Make sure that your boss knows you are ready for a promotion. Talk to them about it and make sure that they are on your side. You don't want to come across as pushy as this may hurt your chances of getting that job promotion.

Don't Shy Away from a Challenge

In essence, a job promotion is a challenge. If you shy away from challenges in your current job, then how will you be able to handle a higher level job. This is how managers think. They want someone who is willing to give it a shot, and succeed. You will need to do well at the challenge, or assignment, to get noticed.

Move On

Sometimes it is best to start searching for employment elsewhere. This will open your options at other companies and sometimes your superiors will get their eyes opened. They will not want to lose a good employee, and may think about giving you a promotion or a raise.

No single one of these steps will succeed in getting you promoted, but if you are able to follow all of them then you can be sure to get promoted somewhere down the line. The key is to stick with the game plan and you will eventually reap the rewards.