Wearable art is one way to express your individuality, and earning the Art to Wear Brownie Girl Scout Try It patch will give the girls in your troop an opportunity to expand their wardrobe while earning a patch.

The Art to Wear Try It will take some time to earn, at least two meetings worth. Like other Brownie Try It patches, there are four required activities. These works of art should not be rushed.

Because some of the activities are messy, you may want to email the parents in advance and make sure the girls not only have a smock to cover their clothing, but are also wearing clothing that, if it gets paint on it, it is okay.

If you decide to make T-shirts for the Art to Wear Brownie Try It, make sure to ask the parents what size their daughter needs. If you are buying boxer shorts, like Soffee shorts, then ask for the right size so each girl has her own. Make sure her name is on the inside before starting the craft.

Here are some wearable art projects for you to do so your troop can earn the Art to Wear Brownie Girl Scout Try It patch. These are not found in the Brownie Try It Handbook.

Boxer Shorts Art

Turn white shorts into a wearable work of art.


One pair of white boxer shorts for each girl

Fabric paints in assorted colors



Cotton swabs

Cardboard cut to fit one leg of the shorts

Clothespins to secure the shorts downArt to Wear Brownie Try It Fabric PaintCredit: www.amazon.com

Before the meeting, place the shorts on the cardboard. Have the girls names on the waistband so you know who gets which pair. It is a good idea to also get a few volunteers for this project. Your co-leader can pin them down with the clothespins during the brainstorming session.

With the girls, brainstorm a list if things they can draw and paint on the leg. Explain that they are only decorating on one leg, as less is more!

You will also need to show the girls how to get the paint out without air. Have them hold the paint, with the cap on, upside down. Shake. On a napkin, they will gently squeeze a tiny bit to make sure not air comes out with the paint, causing it to spatter. Then they can gently squeeze along the design they made.

Hand out pencils and have the girls sketch their picture. The girls can paint it with the fabric paint. Any “accidents” can be fixed with cotton swabs. Have them take their works of art home and air dry for twenty-four hours before wearing.

Tie Dye T-ShirtsBrownie Art to Wear Try It patch tye dye kitCredit: www.amazon.com

This activity for the Art to Wear Brownie Girl Scout Try It patch is best done outside, especially if you are in a borrowed room in a building. To keep it simple, limit the number of colors to use to three so the girls do not become overwhelmed with choices.

If you want to keep it small, then you can tie dye bandanas so the girls get the experience of tie dying with limited mess. Directions to tie dye a T-shirt And lists of supplies can be found at about.com.

 Hair Barrettes and Other Hair Art

Wearable hair art is another way for the girls to express their sense of style and earn the Art to Wear Brownie Try it patch. Even girls with short hair can wear these hair decorations.

Decorate Hair Bands

Hair bands can be worn with both long and short hair.


Plain hair bands-two for each girl

Tacky glue

Findings for the hair bands-flowers, beads, rhinestones

Bowls for beads and rhinestones

Paper plates to carry the wet hair bands home

Write each girls’ name on her own paper plate. Have the girls select what they want to put on the hair bands and have them set the pattern out in front of them. Then they can glue them onto the hair band.

Hair clip(41193)Decorative Barrettes

Plain gold or silver barrettes

Quick set glitter nail polish in assorted colors

Findings to glue onto the barrette (one per barrette)

Paper plates with each girls’ name written on one


Tacky glue

Each girl needs to wear a smock for this craft. Give them each four to six hair barrettes to paint. Explain that each pair is one set, and they need to be alike. The girls can paint the hair barrettes with the glitter nail polish. When they have dried, have them use tacky glue to place one finding at the end. Let dry on the paper plate.

Decorative Scrunchies

Hair scrunches are a great way for girls to keep their hair tied back in gym class.


White scrunches-two for each girl

Rhinestones in assorted shapes and colors

Tacky glue

Paper plates with the girls name on it

Bowls for the rhinestones

Have the girls select the rhinestones they wish to use and glue them on the scrunchie. Place on the paper plate to dry.

Make a Button Pin for the Art to Wear Brownie Try It Patch

Bags of buttons can be found in craft stores. Buy wooden shapes and pin backs to create one of a kind masterpieces!

MaterialsArt to Wear Brownie Try It patchCredit: www.amazon.com


Mirror rhinestones

Tacky glue

Pin Backs

Wooden pieces in assorted shapes


Paper plates with the girls name written on them

Place the bowls and rhinestones out for the girls to glue onto the wooden shape. Have them glue them on in any pattern they choose. When the pins are dry, glue on the pin backs.

Bead Bracelets and Necklaces

One of the easiest crafts for your Brownie Girls Scout to make for the Art to Wear Try It patch is to make beaded bracelets or necklaces. To make it more personal, buy beads with letters and have the girls make a piece of jewelry with their name on it.




Paper bowls to place the beads

Ask each girl if she wants to make a bracelet or a necklace and cut the elastic for her. Tell the girls to make a knot and begin beading. When she is ready, help her tie a knot to finish the project.

Make Your Own Sun VisorArt to Wear Brownie Try It patch(79986)Credit: www.amazon.com

Sun visors are an easy wearable art craft and cost only a dollar each at the craft store. You can decide how the girls want to decorate them:

With Sharpies

With rhinestones (you will need glue and paper bowls)

With foam shapes (you will need glue and paper bowls)

There are many crafts that you can do with your Brownie troop so they can earn the Art to Wear Try It patch. Make sure you get adequate volunteer help and take a picture for your perpetual Girl Scout scrapbook!