Second and third grade girls love to talk about being grown up, and doing activities to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Careers Try It patch is one way to help them explore different career choices, some that they may never have heard of before!

Like all Brownie Girl Scout Try Its, there are four activities that need to be done in order to earn the Careers badge. Two of these can be done at home with some parental help. In an email to the parents prior to the meeting, explain that they have to help their daughter complete the two activities on page 22 of the Try It Handbook. These will be shared at the beginning of the next troop meeting and will be checked by you and the co-leader.

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The first activity is making a list of things they like to do. With an adult’s help, she will figure out how to make a career from it. Does she like to draw? Then she can be an illustrator of children’s books. Does she like to play games? She can create the next popular children’s game. Does she like to garden? Then she can become a landscaper.

The second activity involves talking to an adult and asking if they knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. Then they need to create a list of jobs that they think will be created in the future, jobs that do not exist now.

Have a Guest Speaker Panel

In order to learn about different careers, parents and grandparents of the girls can come in to speak about their jobs. Before the meeting, the girls can prepare a list of questions they can ask. The daughter of the guest speaker can be the one to introduce her parent to the other girls. End the meeting with a light buffet of treats and something to drink. The children can write thank you notes at the next meeting.

If parents are not available to come to the meeting, ask a community helper to come and speak to the girls. The school principal, a dentist, a firefighter, or anyone else who helps the community can come and speak.

Go on a Field Trip 

You can take a field trip to a place like the grocery store, the police station, a dance studio or the fire house. The girls can ask questions to those who work there as they take a tour of the place. Many people in the community love to share with children their passion they have in their chosen career.

Have a Workshop During Your Meeting

Another way to earn the Careers Try It is to have someone come in and run a workshop during your troop meeting. For example, a jewelry maker can come in and teach the girls how to make a beaded bracelet, or a baker can come in and show the girls how to decorate a cupcake. These examples are both hands on and can teach the girls a simple and fun skill.

Create a Business and a Product to Sell 

All successful businesses have a plan. In order to raise funds for trips and projects, the girls can create a business and a product to sell. The Girl Scouts have rigid rules about fundraising, and your troop will have had to participate in the fall nut and magazine sale and the Girl Scout cookie sale to participate in any other kind of fundraiser.

The rules state that the girls have to create their own products to sell or provide a service. For example, when my older daughter was a Brownie Girl Scout, her troop made princess crowns out of metallic garland. They spent a few meetings making their plan and creating their product. They had to:

  • Find out the cost of the cheapest garland and where to buy it
  • Figure out how much garland to use for each crown
  • Figure out how many garlands equaled one crown
  • Determine a cost to sell each garland at a profit
  • Learn how to make the crowns
  • Learn how to sell the crowns safely

Our town has a street fair every year and the girls and the parents took turns manning the booth. The girls learned how to start a business, how to interact with the public, and the value of hard work.

Another option that I have seen other Girl Scout troops use at this same street fair is to have a beading business. The girls have many different kinds of beads and you can make bracelets or necklaces from them. They were available to help younger girls and boys who needed it. They had to follow the same steps my daughter learned when making princess crowns.

You can also use this same business model to:

  • Make a sand art booth
  • Sell homemade cakes and cookies
  • Make bookmarks to sell
  • Take a Polaroid picture, and mount it to a frame that the paying children create
  • Have a face painting booth
  • Have supplies for children to make foam door hangers

Create a Pretend Business If you do not have the desire to go all out and create a real business, the children can make a pretend one. They can still follow the steps of making a business plan. They have to name their business and make business cards to hand out to others.

Play Career Jeopardy

Your co-leader and you can write up questions worth different amounts of points and play Career Jeopardy. Divide the troop into teams and have them decide as a group what the correct answer should be.

Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Careers Try It will take a bit longer than other badges, but it is worth the extra effort.

This is How My Daughter Earned This Badge

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The girls had so much fun selling their handmade princess crowns to the people in our town.