One of our roles as Girl Scout leaders is to teach the girls empathy for others, and there are several activities that your troop can do the Brownie Girl Scout Caring and Sharing Try It patch. The girls in our troop may not be best friends, but they must be kind and respectful to each other. It is part of the Girl Scout Promise to be a sister to every Girl Scout, as well as make the world a better place. You can achieve these two goals by doing activities to earn the Caring and Sharing Try It patch.

Because you need to do four activities to earn a Brownie Try It patch, you may want the girls to do an activity at home so there are fewer for you to plan for your meeting. Home activities for earning the Brownie Girl Scout Caring and Sharing Try It Patch are:

Kindness Chart

Have the girls and their parents keep track of how the Brownie Scout was caring and sharing throughout the week. Helping take care of younger siblings, doing favors for a neighbor, doing chores without being asked and doing something nice for others are examples.

Clean Out and Donate

Have the girls clean out their closets and toy bins and donate these outgrown items to someone else they know or to a charity. It feels good to let go of the clutter and give things to others who can use them.

Help a Family Member, Neighbor or Teacher

Another at home activity for the Caring and Sharing Try It patch is to call older members of the family and see if they need help. Chores such a raking leaves, planting flowers, or cleaning out the garage are things senior citizens may need some help with. If no family lives nearby, then ask a neighbor who if she or he needs some help.

Teachers often need help cutting out things or collating papers. Ask the teacher if she needs help at recess of after school with anything.

Here are some other activities to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Caring and Sharing Try It patch.

Make a Friendship “Quilt”


Poster board

Photo of each girl


Craft findings-rhinestones, feathers, buttons, etc (optional)

For this activity to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Caring and Sharing Try It patch, you will need a large piece of poster board. Divide it up into squares, one for each girl in your troop. In the center square have a picture of your entire troop. If you do not have one, print out the Girl Scout logo or Brownie logo with your troop number in it.

Place a photograph of each girl in the center of the square. The girls will decorate the square their own individual way. You can use any kind of craft supply or simply use magic markers.

Sister to Every Girl Scout Swap CraftCredit:

This “quilt” will be brought to each meeting and represent your troop and the friendship they all share when they get together.

Make Autograph Books to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Caring and Sharing Try It Patch


A small color photo of each girl, like a school picture

White cardstock


Binder rings

Hole puncher

Paper cutter for straight edge

For this activity, you will need to prepare the autograph pages and books ahead of time. Each card will be cut in half after they are run off, so place the photo of the girl in the lower right corner, one halfway through the page and the other at the bottom.

Run off one page for each girl in your troop. For example, each girl will have a book with a photo of every other girl in the troop. This is the page the girls will sign in the autograph book. They can have a page with her own picture for the cover.

Hole punch the top and the bottom and put small binder rings in it. Or you can hole punch and tie yarn through the holes to keep the books together.

At the meeting, the girls will decorate their own covers. Then they have to autograph their face page in the other’s books and write one kind thing about the person who’s book she is signing.

Have a Canned Food Drive to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Caring and Sharing Try It Patch

It is a sad fact that children and families in the community where you lead your troop go hungry. The girls can do something about this by having a food drive. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to help others.

I would encourage you to do this community service project in the winter or in the spring. So many organizations ask for donations in November and December, and their pantries get low at other times of the year. I would commit to one organization before the meeting.

Email the parents to tell them what your plans are. Their daughter will need their help with this project going door to door or making flyers. They can also assist them by taking the flyers to work or asking family members to donate canned goods. While the point is to get as many donations as possible, it is also necessary for the girls to take an ACTIVE part in this Caring and Sharing Try It activity.

You may also want to create a flyer to place as an attachment to the email. The parents can reword it to suit their needs, but the basic information, such as what you are collecting and when it is needed is the same.

At your meeting, ask the girls for ideas of how to go about collecting food. Emphasize that a grown up must be with them if they are going to be asking neighbors for donations. Set up a collection spot in your home and have the girls sort the food there at another time.

If you can, have as many girls as you can go with you to donate the food. They need to see where it is going and whom it is helping.

You can also do this with books, mittens and hats, or socks. There is always and organization who has a need.

Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Caring and Sharing Try It patch is one that will hopefully teach the girls in your troop compassion for others.