Earning the Colors and Shapes Brownie Girl Scout Try It patch will your Brownie meetings more fun than ever. Because there are four activities involved in earning this Try It, you might want to plan on two Brownie meetings to meet this requirement.

While the Brownie Try It Handbook has several activities for you to choose from to earn the Colors and Shapes patch, you can really do any craft and projects you like that fit in with the theme.

If you want to earn the patch in only one meeting, you can do several things. First, since school has Art class as a special, you can count that as one of the four activities towards earning the patch. You can assign the girls to do a project at home to share with the others in the troop at the beginning of the next meeting. The choice is yours.


You can also do activities to earn the Colors and Shapes Brownie Try It patch around any holiday. This can double as a gift or as a community service project.

Here are some activities to do with your troop that are not in the Brownie Girl Scout Try It Handbook. As always, it is always a good idea to do this craft ahead of time. Not only do the girls have an example of the finished project, but you can also see if there are any potential problems with the craft that need to be worked out before the actual meeting.

Rainbow Greeting Cards

Rainbow greeting cards can be made and given to someone as a birthday card, a Get Well card, an anniversary card or just a “Thinking About You” card.


Tissue paper-red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple-precut into large squares

Paper plates or paper bowls to put each color of cut up tissue paper

Glue-one bottle for each girl

Cardstock or construction paper

Pencils or Thin Markers

Rainbow template (optional if you think the girls can draw their own rainbows. Or you can draw them on the paper for the girls before the troop meeting)

Before the craft begins, ask the girls about the colors of the rainbow and what order they are in. Write in on the board and tell them the pneumonic reminder of Roy G. Biv (red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo, violet)

Have each girl fold the cards in half. Have them decide for whom the card is going to be addressed to and have them write in it beforehand.

When they are done with that, have them draw the rainbow on the front of the card. They will then crumple one square from each color and glue it on the correct arc of the rainbow. Then they can glue the rest on.

Stained Glass Votives and Gift Bags or Boxes

Another activity for earning the Shapes and Colors Brownie Girl Scout Try It patch is to make stained glass votives. If you are doing this activity around a holiday, you can use tissue paper that reflects the colors of that holiday.

This activity can count as two because you will also be decorating the gift bags or boxes with colors and designs.

Because you will need one baby food jar for each girl, make sure you collect them ahead of time and a few extra, just in case!


One cleaned out baby food jar for each girl

Tissue paper in assorted colors

Paper plates for glue and for the tissue paper


Foam brushes-one per girl


One votive candle per girl


Wipes for sticky hands

White paper lunch bags or white Chinese take-out cartons (available in Walmart)

For this activity for the Color and Shapes Brownie Girl Scout Try It, have the girls use scissor to cut the tissue paper into any shape that they want. If you prefer, they can also rip the tissue into different shapes. When they are done, have them use the foam brush to put glue all over the jar. They will then place the tissue pieces in any way they want all over the jar, being sure to not leave any empty places.

While the jars are drying, give each girl one white paper bag to decorate with magic markers. They can make shapes, squiggles, curls or draw pictures. Make sure they put to whom the present is for on the bag. You can even use the rainbow card for this project and tie the three activities all together!

If the jars are not dry enough to send home at the end of the meeting, place them on a paper plate so the girls can get them home.

Work on Your Perpetual Girl Scout Scrapbook

 Girl Scout Scrapbook(79026)Credit: photo copyright by mommymommymommy

As I outlined in my article on the Perpetual Girl Scout Scrapbook, this ongoing project is one that can be done for a few meetings each year. It can count towards earning the Colors and Shapes Try It patch because the girls are using designs to create their scrapbook page.

Make Your Own Paint By Numbers

For this activity to earn the Colors and Shapes Brownie Girl Scout Try It patch, you will need to download a picture from the internet for the girls to paint. It is best to pick a simple design or two for the girls to choose. You will need to mark the paper and make a legend for the girls to follow. Then run off the masters on white cardstock.

One way to make this craft more interesting is to give the girls only a few colors and they have to mix some on their own to get the others. White paint is the best way to stretch the colors out-blue and white makes light blue, red and white makes pink, etc.

To simplify this craft, if your treasury allows it, you can buy each girl a small paint by numbers set and have them do it at your meeting.


Paint by numbers templates

Plastic or paper bowls for water




Brown grocery bags

Talk to the girls about the project and how to paint by numbers. This is a good skill about following directions-this is not the time to do their own thing!

Make sure there is an area to dry things. If there is none, bring large brown grocery bags for the girls to place their crafts as they carry them to the car at the end of the meeting.

These activities for earning Colors and Shapes Brownie Girl Scout Try It Patch involve a little prep work on the leader’s part, but are also very budget friendly. The girls love crafting and these activities will earn them a Try It patch for their efforts!