When the weather is warm enough, it is a great opportunity for your troop to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Earth and Sky Try It badge. If you live in a climate that has a harsh winter, getting the girls outside for a meeting is an exciting change of pace for them. It help them get out that pent up energy! 

Brownie Try Its require four activities to be earn the patch. If your second or third grade Brownies have done a science unit on the moon, the sun, or on plants and how they grow, that can count as one activity off the checklist.

How to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Earth and Sky Try ItCredit: www.pixabay.com

You can also have the girls do one activity at home to do so all you have to do at your troop meeting are the two activities that are left.

Some ideas for home activities to help earn this badge.

1. Sun Prints

These can be brought in to share at the troop meeting


  • Dark colored construction paper
  • A sunny day

Flat objects to sit on the construction paper-nature objects like leaves or flowers, or items found around the house

Lay the construction paper in a sunny place midday. Place the objects on top of the paper. In about an hour, remove the objects and see the prints left behind. You can talk about sun damage and what it does to your skin if you do not wear sunscreen.

2. Lay outside with a grown up and watch the clouds go by. See what kinds of things the clouds look like. Write down what you see and share it with the girls. They can draw a picture of one or two of the cloud shapes to share.

Here are some activities to do with your troop to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Earth and Sky Try It Patch.

Observe Birds in the Sky and make a Birdhouse 

In both spring and fall, you will observe many birds migrating in the sky. In the spring, you will be able to see birds’ nests in trees. Sit under a tree and quietly watch what you see.

Return to the meeting room and talk about what the girls observed.

Make a birdhouse for the girls to bring home and hang in their backyard. Craft store have bird house kits, as well as ready made bird houses that are ready to paint. There are also online distributors that have bird houses that are ready to assemble.


  • One birdhouse for each girl
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Smocks
  • Newspaper
  • Large paper plate for girls to carry the project out to the car

Make a Sundial

Before there were watches and clocks, people told time by the position of the sun in the sky or by using a sun dial. Your troop can make it’s own sundial using these directions.

If there is a local nature preserve in your area, have your troop go on a field trip there. They will have many activities that will fulfill the Try It requirements. At our local nature preserve, out troop was able to go on a nature walk and do a nature hunt, learn about the animals that lived at the preserve, and did a nature craft. They had a blast and so did the parents who came with us.

Learn about the Water Cycle 

The girls in your troop can learn all about the water cycle as an activity for earning this badge. In fact, you can tie it in with the WOW! Journey. You can read a science book to them about it and then have them do a demonstration for each part.

Evaporation Water on earth must evaporate. You can show this by bringing in a hot pot and boiling water so the girls can see the steam go off into the air.

Condensation Have a glass that is warm and fill it with an icy cold beverage. Watch how the glass forms condensation on the outside.

Precipitation Give the girls dried up sponges. Have them go outside with buckets of water and pour slowly onto the dry sponge. Have them watch it expand. What happens when it is filled up? The sponge can no longer hold the water, just like a cloud.

Precipitation is the overfilled sponge. Have the girls squeeze the water back into the bucket, which represents a body of water.

Phases of the Moon 

For one month, have the girls watch the phases of the moon and record them on a sheet of paper you have gotten from the internet. You should also record the data and after a month, discuss your findings. The girls can make an art project that shows the different phases of the moon.

Make a Terrarium 

A terrarium is a great way for the girls to see nature come alive. Complete directions can be found at stormthecastle.com

Take a Field Trip to a Nature Preserve 

Go on a Rock Hunt 

  • Materials
  • Rocks
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Rock Identification chart or information you have found to help the girls identify their findings

At home, have the children gather a few rocks from their backyards to share at the meeting. See how they are alike and different compared to where they were found.

Go outside and collect rocks from where your troop meeting is held. Keep them separate and then have them go in groups to compare the two different sets of rocks. Have the children write down similarities and differences. At the end of the meeting, share what you have found.

If this activity finishes early, have a rocks and minerals word search puzzle run off for them to do.

Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Earth and Sky Try It Patch are great activities to do when the weather is warm.