How to Earn the Healthy Habits Badge for Brownie Girl Scouts

There are several activities that your troop can do to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Healthy Habits Try It patch. In order to earn any Try It patch, the girls need to complete four activities. Depending on the amount of time your girls meet, this may be difficult to accomplish in one meeting. One way around this is to do what I do.

In an email before our troop meeting, I asked the parents to complete one easy part of the badge we are working on. If they did not comply, I could also count something that the girls already do as part of earning the patch.

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The activity I would ask the parents to complete at home with the girls in order to help them earn the Brownie Girl Scout Healthy Habits patch is keeping a "Teeth Cleaning Chart". This is found on page 33 in the Brownie Try It handbook. Make sure you give the parents at least one week's notice so the chart is complete in time for the meeting.

Other Activities to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Healthy Habits Badge

One of the activities the girls can do is to have a community helper come in and talk to the girls about good hygiene. This can be the school nurse, whom all of the children know. Ask her a few weeks in advance so she can clear her calendar.

If a parent is a doctor or a nurse, or a dentist or a dental hygienist, ask him or her to visit and give a talk about good hygiene. Points to cover would be:

  • Why we need to wash our hands properly
  • Why we need to bathe and shower frequently
  • Why we need to brush and floss our teeth
  • Why we need to see a doctor or a dentist on a regular basis
  • Why we need to get shots
  • How to prevent the spread of germs
  • How to prevent cavities

This Dr. Seuss book is a fun read to launch your meeting. Inside girls will learn all about how to stay healthy with amusing illustrations from a beloved children's author.

How to Eat Properly so We Can Grow Strong and Healthy

You may want to ask your troop to write one or two questions to ask the visiting health professional in advance. This will prevent "brain freeze" when the visitor asks, "Are there any questions?"

Proper Hand Washing

One of the activities the girls can do it is to learn how to properly wash their hands. 

What if there is no soap and water available? Hand sanitizer and packaged wipes are good to have on hand.  You may want to hand out a bag of wipes for girls to keep in their responsibility bag for future meetings.

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This Will Delight Your Troop!

They can dance to it and exercise...that is a great habit as well!

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Good Habits Versus Bad Habits

The girls can brainstorm a list of healthy habits. You can also touch upon unhealthy habits, such as smoking or eating too much junk food. In small groups, they can make a poster of How to Stay Healthy with Good Habits.

Word Search

There are many healthy foods word searches available online. Just download one and print for each child.  You may even want the girls to bring in a dairy snack or you can provide a dairy snack for that meeting. Then have the girls work on the word search in groups or by themselves.

Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Healthy Habits Try It badge is a good way for the girls to learn how to stay healthy and develop good habits while they are young.