Elementary school girls have active imaginations, which is why earning the Brownie Girl Scout Let’s Pretend Try It is one that your troop will enjoy. This Try it may require two meetings to complete if you do everything during your meeting time, as the four requirements are more time consuming than other patches.

How to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Let's Pretend Try ItCredit: Photo by Hannah Gold

Photo by Hannah Gold

The Let’s Pretend Try It activities does have requirements that can be done at home. Email the parents and tell them that their daughter needs to create three or four tongue twisters to share with the group. They can help their daughter if they want to. Have the parents email the completed tongue twisters to you.

For the meeting, type all of the funny sentences that were sent to you, giving credit to each girl for the ones she wrote. Before you do any of the other activities, hand out a copy of the tongue twister sheet to each girl. When it is her turn, the Brownie Scout can select one tongue twister that she wrote to read aloud and then have the girls quickly repeat three times. Be prepared for lots of giggles!

When done, ask why they are called tongue twisters!

Another requirement that can be set up at home and done at the meeting is for the girls to come dressed up as someone else. It can be anyone she wants, but she must remain in character at all times during this part of the meeting. Ask the parents to discuss with their daughter who she will be and what “staying in character” means. Help her gather her costume and place it in her responsibility bag for the meeting.

Once the girls are all dressed, one-by-one, she can introduce herself and give a few details of her life, especially if she is someone unfamiliar to the others. Have the girls be prepared to answer a few questions about who they are.

Here are some other activities to help your troop earn the Brownie Girl Scout Let’s Pretend Try It patch.

Do Improvisation 

Before the meeting, have a shopping bag full of objects. These can be anything you wish, from kitchen tools to empty jars to pillows. One at a time, a girl is to reach into the bag and start using the prop in any way she wants-except the way it should be used! A wooden spoon can be a drumstick, an empty paper towel tube can be a horn, a ball can be seat.

Another way to use improvisation with your girls is to write down situations for two girls to do on a piece of paper. Call two Brownies up and then you or your co-leader pull the paper. The girls have one minute to figure out how to act this out, and then they have to perform.

Some situations you can write down are:

A child is lost

The girls are arguing over whose turn it is to pick a snack or game to play

The girls are planning a sleepover

Girls do not want to do their homework

The girls found a twenty dollar bill

The girls need to plan what to make for dinner

Make Masks 

Here is a fun craft that you can do any way you want to. There are a variety of masks that your girls can create.

If any of the girls have Halloween masks at home that they can bring in and share, encourage them to do so. They can see up close what makes a good mask.

Paper Plate Masks

This is one of the most simple masks to make.



  • White paper plates or foam plates
  • Construction paper
  • Yarn
  • Ribbon
  • Foam shapes
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue scissors
  • Craft findings like rhinestones, feathers or buttons
  • Thick Popsicle sticks


Decide on a theme for your puppets-people or animals. Let the girls do whatever they want in creating the puppet.

Half Masks (Eyes only) 

  • Large foam sheets
  • Scissors
  • Craft findings
  • Popsicle sticks 

Have the girls cut a large shape from the piece of foam. Have them draw and cut out holes for the eyes. Decorate them with the craft findings and glue a Popsicle stick to one side.

Credit: Photo by Hannah Gold

Half mask kits are also available to make your life easier!

Paper Bag Masks

One large brown grocery bag (have the girls precut the eyes and mouth out at home with a parent so it fits right)





Have the girls decorate the bag into a person or an animal.

Mask Templates

You can download templates for masks online. Run them off on cardstock so they are sturdy.

Write a Short Play 


Pencils and paper

While the masks are drying, have the girls break up into small groups of three or four and write a short skit. Have them read it aloud with their masks on for the other girls.

Play Charades 

A classic game for decades, charades can easily be played by second and third grade Brownie Scouts. Before the meeting, prepare titles for the children to guess. Popular television shows or books series would be two categories to consider. If anyone has not played before, your co-leader and you can pantomime one or two titles so the girls get the gist of how to play the game.

Learn to Mime 

Miming is an art form where the person acts without using words. While it may be difficult for a rambunctious group of girls to stay quiet for long, this Let’s Pretend Try It activity can be done quickly. Be prepared for giggles until the girls can get into the activity.

Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Let’s Pretend Try It patch is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of young girls’ imaginations. If there is an older Junior troop in need of a Sister Scout badge, they might be able to help you out with these activities. The Brownies would love it!