Girls Will Love to Earn This Tasty Badge

There are many ways for the girls to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Make It, Eat It Try It patch. In order to earn a Brownie Try It patch, girls in your troop must complete four activities. That is what makes a Brownie Try It fun-the girls get to try many different activities!

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Before earning this Girl Scout badge, you have make a few decisions with your co-leaders. First, you will need to see if you want to plan a field trip to earn this patch. Some grocery stores and kitchen tool chains offer cooking classes for children. If your troop has a lot of money in their account, then this can be an option for you. Just make sure you get the correct field trip forms in order and that your trip has the approval of your local Girl Scout Service Unit.

If you do not have enough money for a field trip to earn this badge, then you can ask a parent volunteer to use her home and kitchen to earn this patch. Please note that you still have to get approval as a field trip for this, even if it is in someone’s home. If there is any kind of accident, the Girl Scout insurance will not cover it if anything happens.

If you have no volunteer kitchen, then you are going to have to earn this badge during your troop meeting time. This is not a problem, as there are many no-bake recipes that you can use. Just be sure to do the following things before your meeting:

Make sure that you do not use any ingredients that may cause a food allergy reaction. Parents should have filled out a health form letting you know if their daughter has one.

Send out an email a few weeks before asking for two or three additional volunteers. You want to make sure that there is a minimum of one adult per station; two adults is even better.
In your email, ask the parents to have the girls help fix a meal-breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This will count as one activity. The girls can share what they did at the meeting.

If you are using a classroom in a school, make sure to bring plenty of disposable tablecloths and wipes to clean up. You must leave the room you are borrowing in as good or better condition than you found it in.

You will also have to decide on three no bake recipes to use if you are in a school, one for each station. If you are in a home, then you can make one or two recipes to go into the oven. Once you have decided on the recipes, you will need to go to the grocery store and buy the ingredients. I suggest packing them in bags according to the station, so that set-up and unpacking is quicker. Be sure to include table coverings and any utensils and bowls you will be needing.
These recipes you will be using to help your girls earn the badge.

Station 1-Fruits and Vegetables

A simple no-bake recipe is to make a fruit salad. Buy apples and oranges to peel, bananas to slice, and grapes to halve. These are easy for the girls to master. If these fruits are not in season, use whatever fruit is.  Make them into fruit kabobs in colorful patterns.
Another no bake recipe for the Make It, Eat It patch is to cut up vegetables and make a veggie tray. Since one of the other Girl Scout Try Its is “Healthy Habits” this activity can double dip and be used for this Try It, also.

Station 2-No Bake Sweets

There are many simple no bake cookie recipes for your girls to try to earn
the Make It, Eat It Brownie Girl Scout Try It patch. Find one that you think the girls will like. Websites like have hundreds for you to choose from. If you find a few that you like, then make two stations full of cookie and bring plastic bags for the girls to take any extras home.

You can even make your own cake pops using cake pop molds.

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Station 3-A Cook or No Cook Station

If you have access to an oven then you can have the girls make favorites like Pigs in a Blanket with crescent rolls and hot dogs, stuffed shells, or even homemade mashed potatoes.

If using an oven is not an option, the girls can make a fruit dip to go with the fruit they have cut up. Or they can make a fruit smoothie in a blender that you have brought.

When all of the stations are done, let the girls eat and enjoy the fruits of their labor! Make sure they all help in the clean-up process because that is a part of cooking.

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