The Brownie Manners Try It is Easy and Fun to Earn!

It is something we all need to function as a civilized society, and as a Girl Scout leader you can help your troop earn the Brownie Girl Scout Manners Try It patch. Unfortunately in today's world, many children are not taught proper manners. Adults are lacking in basic skills so they do not pass them on to their children. Technology has made teaching good manners even more difficult. Here are some activities for your girls to do to earn this badge.

The Manners Brownie badge can be done in two meetings, as it is so important a skill that it should not be rushed. As always, the girls will need to do four of the activities to earn their Try It patch.

Here are some activities for you to do with your troop to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Manners badge.


How to Earn the Brownie manners try ItCredit: www.pixabay.com1. Learn How to Introduce People

Have you ever been to a party and you just stood there because no one bothered to introduce you? That is rude and very bad manners. You can teach your troop how to make a proper introduction.

Break the children into groups of three. Have two girls having a conversation and have one walk to the two others. Assign one child to introduce the newcomer to the other girl. Shake hands, tell the girl to repeat the person's name (a tip to help remember it) and say, "It's nice to meet you, _____." And have the other child reply, "It's nice to meet you, too, ______."


2. Learn How to Greet People From Other Cultures

While a handshake is a typical greeting in the United States, in other cultures, people greet each other differently. For example, in Japan, people bow as a form of greeting. The deeper the bow, the more respect that is given.

You can also have the troop learn how to say good manners phrases in another language for a Try It activity. For example, "Toda raba" is "thank you" in Hebrew. "Merci" is "thank you" in French. Have a list phrases typed out for the girls to read to each other in greeting-one being "Hello" another column "Good-bye". One can be "Please" and another "Thank you".

American Girl Library Manners Book

A Smart Girl's Guide to Manners (American Girl) (American Girl Library)
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This series of books is aimed at tweens-the exact age of your Brownie troop. Read select sections to the girls and ask them how they should handle various situations. That can be counted as an activity.

3. Practice Answering the Phone

Another activity for the girls to do to earn the Brownie Manners Try It patch is to practice answering the phone. Teach them to say "hello" and to ask whom is calling. It is also a good safety tip to teach the girls to say that the grown-up is busy and cannot get to the phone. Teach them how to take a message.

With cell phones overtaking our lives, it is also important to teach good cell phone etiquette as well. Not answering the phone unless it is an emergency,putting phones away while with others and not ignoring who you with in order to speak to someone who is not there are just a few new manners that girls need to learn.


4. Practice Table Manners

Table manners is another activity to earn this badge. Have the girls sit at two different tables that have been set with plates, napkins, knives and forks. There should also be some empty bowls to pass with a serving spoon in each. Teach the girls how to:

  • Unfold the napkin and put it on their lap
  • How to properly hold a knife and fork
  • How to ask to pass an item from the table, using please and thank you. Reaching across the table is not good manners.
  • How to not eat until everyone is seated and served
  • How to not eat with your mouth full

Using these four activities, your girls can easily earn the Brownie Girl Scout Manners Try It patch.

Another Fun Book to Launch Your Meeting

Dude, That's Rude!: (Get Some Manners) (Laugh & Learn)
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The girls will giggle at the humorous way bad manners are looked at and how they can reverse the way they behave.