Our bodies were meant to move, and having your troop earn the Brownie Girl Scout My Body Try It patch is one way to get your girls in motion! Since most Girl Scout meetings are held after school or in the evenings, it is very important to engage your troop in a meaningful way because the girls have already had a full day of school. Movement Try Its are one way to keep them motivated while earning their Brownie patch.

All Brownie Girl Scouts have to complete four activities to earn any Try It patch. The My Body requirements are simple, inexpensive, have minimal prep work and can be done in one meeting. Since this patch has a lot of movement activities, you may want to plan it for nice weather so you can take the girls outside. My troop loves outdoor Try Its!

Use a Mirror to Earn

Girls can look in the mirror and make face as one Try It requirement. If your girls meet in a school, church, or synagogue with a large communal bathroom, you can do these activities in there (and I bet they will get a kick out of that!). If not, send an email to the parents asking for the girls to bring in a compact mirror for this meeting.

Ask the girls what a muscle is and how to make them stronger. Then have them make a muscle. More than likely, they will flex their biceps for you. Let them know that their faces also have muscles, and they are going to flex them, too!

Have them do the following activities and try not to laugh!

Hold air in your cheeks

Crinkle your nose

Blow air out of your mouth

Blink your eyes

Open your mouth as wide as you can

Move your eyebrows up and down

Make fish lips

Make a half smile

Move your eyes up and down and side to side without moving your head

Do a Body Volley 

This Try It requirement can be done indoors or out, as it uses balloons. Bring them in already blown up to save time.

Pair up the girls and give each team a balloon. Have one girl toss it to the other and call out a command to volley the balloon back with a body part (legs, elbow, head). For the next volley, the other girls call out the body part to be used. See how many times the girls can do it without dropping the balloon.

Get MovingEarn the Brownie Girl Scout My Body Try It Patch(80109)Credit: www.amazon.com

Your body is made up of a lot of muscles. In this My Body Try It activity, you are going to have the troop move! This requirement can be done inside or outside.

Part One:

Have a relay race. You can use the balloons from the Body Volley activity. Divide the children into two teams. They can use the balloons to go over head and then under leg. The first team to complete this wins.

Another race is to have two paper bags at the end of a field. Each girl is given a balloon. The girls have to race to the bag with their balloon, put it in and run back to their team and tag the next girl to run. The first team without their balloons wins.

Part Two:

Before the meeting, fill a brown lunch bag with slips of paper. On the paper, write different kinds of movement, one for each girl. Some examples are:

Jumping jacksEarn the Brownie Girl Scout My Body Try It Patch(80110)Credit: www.amazon.com






March in place


Crab crawl

Rocking side to side

Flapping your arms like a bird

Flap your arms like a chicken


Toe walking

Each girl in your troop takes a turn pulling out an exercise and she and the other girls have to do it for thirty seconds. Make sure the girls leave ample space between them so no one gets hurt!

Check Your Pulse 

The Get Moving part of this Try It ties in nicely with this requirement. You may want to have a brief discussion on what a pulse is, and then show the girls how to check their own pulse. After a few movement activities, have the girls check their pulses. Compare rest and active results.

Do a Balancing Activity 

In days of old, girls used to go to charm school and walk around with a book balanced on their heads to teach them good posture. Have them bring a small hardcover book to the Brownie meeting. Talk about the importance of good posture and what can happen if they do not have it.

Go to an open area with the books. Have them carefully balance it on their heads and start to walk. Once they have walked slowly, have them speed it up and see what happens!

Make Paper Puppets t

After all of that activity, you may want to slow the girls down and end the meeting with a craft. Making a paper puppet is quick and easy. There are many free downloadable templates available online. Just have the papers run off and the crayons ready for this requirement.

If you want the girls to be more creative, then have them make puppets of themselves that move.


White construction paper-one piece for the head, one for the body, one for the arms and another for the legs




Yarn for hair (optional)

Explain proportion to the children as they make themselves. Help them put the puppets together. Make sure they place the fasteners in the right places so they can move easily.

Earning the Brownie Girl Scout My Body Try It patch is one way to teach the girls the importance of taking care of themselves and their bodies.