Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Numbers and Shapes Try It patch is something that you can easily tie in with the Brownie Girl Scout Math is Fun Try It . In fact, because you are doing activities with shapes, you can also integrate this with the Colors and Shapes Try It, too.

For even more patch double dipping, you can also do activities that count towards earning the Girl Scouts Around the World Try It, as three of the activities originated in different countries.

Because you are using paper for many of these activities, it is an inexpensive badge to earn. This is perfect for those who do not do Girl Scout cookie sales or are low on funds at the end of the scouting season. Just be sure to practice the craft at home before doing it with the troop so you can iron out any potential problems ahead of time. This will also provide your girls with a sample activity.

As required for all Brownie Try Its, there are four activities that need to be completed to earn the patch. There is one at home activity that the girls can do at home so there are only three to do during your troop meeting.

The Nature Walk activity on page 117 of the Brownie Try It Handbook can be done at home. The girls can bring in the drawings that they made, or better yet, bring in the object as long as it does not damage anything around it.

Here are other activities to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Numbers and Shapes Try It patch. I suggest getting a volunteer or two to assist your co-leader and you, as the paper crafts do require some guidance. In fact, this is an excellent opportunity for an older Junior troop to come and assist the girls and help them earn one of their own patches.

If the girls have already studied geometry in school, this can also count as an activity towards earning this patch.

Create Origami 

The Japanese art of paper folding is an activity that meets this patch’s requirements.


Origami paper or paper cut into square shapes. You can do this in assorted sizes and have the girls make the same project different times and compare which was easier to make.


Copies of origami directions

There are many levels of origami to try. Copy instructions so that each girl has a copy or that two girls share one copy of the directions. Some simple ones are a dog, a cat, and the paper cup.

Make Tangrams or Shape Pictures 

A tangram is a seven piece Chinese puzzle. It is thought to have come to the west from English sailors who traveled to Hong Kong. The puzzle consists of seven pieces that can be reconfigured into different shapes.


Tangram printables


Sandwich sized plastic bag

There are many free printable tangram puzzles available online. Print one out for each girl. Have them cut the shapes out and create pictures with them. Place the pieces in a plastic sandwich bag that has the girl’s name on it.

Shape puzzles are similar to tangrams, but they can be more creative. For this activity, you will need pattern blocks. If you do not have any, ask around and borrow from someone who does. Your child’s teacher may be willing to lend you her set for the troop to use.

The girls can do this activity by themselves or in pairs. Give each girl a pile of pattern blocks and have create different pictures, like a flower, an dog, or a person. There are also free printable pattern shape pictures for you to download and print. These are more intricate than a tangram because you are using more than seven pieces.

Make Mobius Strips 

German mathematician August Mobius invented the strip named for him. A mobius strip is a strip of paper taped together after twisting it. There are activities and designs you can make with a piece of paper, tape, and scissors. A visual can be found on YouTube.

Make a Paper Box or other Paper Crafts 

Did you know that you can make box from a single piece of paper? Or a chain of hearts? On instructables there are many video and picture tutorials on how to a wide variety of paper crafts. The difficulty levels vary, so judge which ones you can do by the ability levels of the girls in your troop.

If they seem too difficult, then go back to your childhood and make a fortune teller out of paper. You can discuss what would be appropriate fortunes for the girls to write.

Origami Box

Make a Mosaic Craft 

Mosaic crafts can be made from a variety of medium-all kinds of paper, seeds, tiles, and foam, just to name a few. This art form dates back to ancient Egypt, Babylonia Greece and Rome. You may want to bring in magazine pictures of mosaics as examples.


Template of anything you want the girls to craft. It can be seasonal or be something related to Girl Scouts

Construction paper in assorted colors (this is the perfect opportunity to use bits of scrap paper)



Pick a pattern for the girls to use and run it off on regular white copy paper. Mount that design onto a piece of construction paper. Have the girls cut the paper into square shapes of the same size. They will glue the squares in a pattern on the template. Before they glue, have them lay it out so they know where they want to pieces to go.

Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Numbers and Shapes Try It patch involves very hands on activities. Because it involves crafting, the girls in your troop are sure to have a great time.

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