here are several ways for your troop to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Penny Power Try It badge. For every Try It, the girls must complete four activities. While there are several suggestions in the Try It Handbook, you can also add one or two of your own if they fit in with the Try It.

How to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Penny Power Try ItCredit: Photo by Hannah Gold

Photo by Hannah Gold

Personally, I have found that doing four activities in one meeting a bit difficult to do. We meet for about one hour and ten minutes. What I have decided to do is let the children do one activity at home before each meeting, and then we talk about it at the beginning of our meeting. I email the parents ahead of time so they can do this part with their daughter. Then we can move on to three other activities and complete the patch in one session.

For the Brownie Girl Scout Penny Power Try It patch, there are a few activities the girls can do at home before the meeting.

1. Go to the bank with a parent. Let the child fill out a deposit form or a withdrawal form and have her watch the bank teller count the money. The child can ask a question about money to the teller and report back what the answer was.

2. Have the girls open a savings account of their own if they do not have one already.

3. Have the girls count change and roll it into coin holders if your local bank does not have a change counter.

4. Give the child five dollars and take them to a store. Have them see what they can buy.

Many of these activities can also be tied in with the Math is Fun Try It Patch. Activities for you to do with your Girl Scouts to earn the Brownie Penny Power Try It patch during your troop meeting are:

1. Take a field trip to a local bank. Before you do this, make sure that you have all of your permission slips signed and the a field trip approval number. You will also need additional volunteers to be drivers.

2. If you are unable to go to the bank on a field trip, then see if a bank representative can come to a troop meeting to talk to the girls about saving money and how a bank works.

3. Have supermarket circulars from two different stores set out for each team of girls. These should be the same for each group. Have them write down the prices of the same item from each store. You can have a worksheet made up with familiar and easy to find items such as:







Help them add it up (you may want to use calculators) and see which store is the cheapest to shop at and how much money you save by shopping there.

4. Set up a pretend store and have the girls go shopping with pretend money.

These are just a handful of ways for your troop to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Penny Power patch. Talk to your co-leader and see if she and you can come up with some others ways to earn it that will work for your troop.

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