Lots of Fun Hands On Activities to Do With Your Troop

Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Science Wonders Try It is a great follow up meeting after completing the Science in Action Try It. The girls will vividly remember the volcanoes and magic ink experiments and want to do more! These activities will focus on scientific changes.

In order to do this all in one meeting, you need to do this Try It activities in stations. Stations mean that you will need additional volunteers to help you and your co-leader. Email the parents several weeks in advance with your request for help and remember to contact them again a few days before the meeting to confirm that they will be there.

How to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Science Wonders Try ItCredit: www.pixabay.com

The Brownie Try It Handbook has several activities for you troop to do. These are in addition, so you have more choices or variations on their activities. 

Make Homemade Bubbles 

Everyone loves bubbles. The girls are used to buying them n the store…show them how easy it is to make them at home! Since bubbles are wet and make surfaces slippery, do this activity outdoors on a nice day.

Before the meeting, you will need to save old jars. If you know someone with a baby, ask them to save enough baby food jars with lids for each girl. That way they can bring their own jar of bubble solution home with them. Make copies of the recipe to send home with the girls.

You can break the girls into small groups to do the mixing.

Materials (double or triple the recipe as needed)

1 cup water

2 tablespoons glycerin

4 tablespoons Joy dishwashing liquid (our local children’s museum, who has a giant bubble wand large enough to encase yourself in a bubble, swears by Joy and only uses that brand)


Mixing spoons

Funnel for pouring the mixture into the jars

Foil baking sheets with side for dipping larger bubble wnads

Materials for making bubble wands

Have the girls mix the solution and help them pour it into the jars.

Bubble Wands

They can make their own bubble wands by using cookie cutters, Pringles cans with the bottom cut off, or pipe cleaners molded into shapes.


Make Super Bubbles!

Make Your Own Paint 

Brownie Girl Scout love to craft. Why not have them make their own paint? This activity can also count twice, because you can go over how different colors are made from combining other colors. Write the answers on the white board if you have one, or on a large piece of paper that the girls can use for reference. 


Plastic table clothes

Mixing bowls and spoons for each color you choose to make

White construction paper 

1/8 cup liquid starch for each color

1/8 cup water for each color

Food coloring

Cardboard to carry the wet pictures home

Mix the wet ingredients together and have the girls make one color. Then they can paint whatever they want.

Another Way to Make Paint

Play a Magnet Game  

Magnets pull things to them. They are mostly made of iron and come in different shapes. They have two poles-North and South-that either push or pull apart.

Before playing the game, you may want to try the magnet hunt and have the girl find three things the magnets are attracted to and three they are not attracted to.

This game will teach the girls how magnets attract metal. 


Fish cut out of paper or cardstock


Magnet strips

Sticks tied with string

Large paper clips

*Note-You may want to do this activity outdoors so there is space for the girls and no one gets poked with the sticks.

Before the meeting, tape or glue magnets to the fish cutouts. Have the girls tie the paper clip to the string, and then the string to the stick. See how many fish they can catch with the paper clip being attracted to the magnet.

Easy Peel and Stick Magnets

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Try a Static Electricity Experiment 

This experiment is a variation of the one found in the Try It handbook.



Tissue paper cut into squares

Wool sweater

Plastic comb

Paper plates

Put the tissue paper on paper plates. Have the girls either comb their hair a few times or rub their comb over the woolen sweater. Hold the comb over the paper and see what happens!

Why does this work? When you rub the comb through your hair or on the sweater, you charge the comb with static electricity. When the comb is charged with static electricity, it attracts the paper. 

Make Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag  

This is a wonderful treat to do with your troop as long as no one has a dairy allergy. You need to multiply the basic recipe by how many girls are in your troop. Each girl will make her own treat and eat it.

Bring toppings like chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles, and cherries so they can make their own ice cream sundaes! Remember to buy bowls, spoons, and napkins, too.

To make this easier for you to do, you may want to make the mixture ahead of time and bring it in a thermos. Then you can pour it into a measuring cup and then into the smaller plastic bag.


1 tablespoon sugar

1/2 cup milk or half & half

1/4 teaspoon vanilla

6 tablespoons rock salt

1 pint-size plastic food storage bag

1 gallon-size plastic food storage bags 

Ice cubes

You may want to the girls to wear an apron or a smock in case they get too aggressive with their ice cream making and the bag opens.

Fill the gallon bag half full with ice and rock salt and seal. Pour the liquid into the smaller bag and close. Put the small bag into the large bag and shake. It should be done in five minutes. Play some music in the background to make the shaking go by faster! Pour into the bowl, top and eat!

Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Science Wonders Try It patch is another way to show girls that science isn’t hard, it is fun!