Science is all around us, and you can teach that to your girls as they earn the Brownie Girl Scout Science in Action Try It patch. Whether it is studying nature, animals, or how things work, science is a part of our every day lives whether we are aware of it or not.

As with every Brownie Girl Scout Try It, there are four activities the girls need to complete before the Science patch is earned. As the leader, you can decide whether or not you want to earn this patch in two meetings or in one. If you decide on one, you can have the girls do one activity at home with their parents.

An activity that lends itself to do at home is the first one on page 126 in the Brownie Try It Handbook. The parents can take their daughters on a technology hunt in their house. When they are done, they can email what they found to you or write it down and give the list to you or your co-leader at the next meeting.

The Try It Handbook has a few other activities for you to try with your girls. The following ones can also be done instead of those. There is also a wonderful website called Kids Science Experiments where you will find even more choices.


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Before you so any activity with your troop to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Science in Action Try It patch, talk about what scientists do. Explain that sometimes the outcome of experiments are not what the scientists expected. They might find a different answer to their hypothesis or the experiment did not work at all. Either way, it is the process that matters most.

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Make Flubber to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Science in Action Try It Patch

The Handbook has a recipe for Weird Glop, but this is a variation called Flubber. This recipe does not use the toxic Borax that many recipes call for. Be sure to line the tables you are using with a plastic tablecloth or sheet to prevent the food coloring from staining. You might also want to have the girls wear smocks if you choose to use food coloring and have hand wipes available if you are not near a sink.

Neither a liquid or a solid, Flubber is fun to make!

Materials (you may need to double or triple this, depending on how many girls you have)

  • 1 cup of wet Glue
  • 1 cup liquid laundry starch
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Large plastic spoon
  • Bowl for stirring (you may want to use a Dollar Store plastic one)
  • Measuring spoon (¼ or 1/8)
  • Plastic sandwich bags that zipper shut

Combine the glue, and optional food coloring and glitter in the bowl. Add the liquid laundry starch, a bit at a time. This is an opportunity for the girls to take turns and predict what will happen. It should get thick.

Give each girl a piece of Flubber to knead into a ball. If it is too sticky, use the measuring spoon to add a bit of starch until it becomes less sticky. Send home in plastic bags.

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Make a Volcano to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Science in Action Try It Patch

You will not be making a true volcano, but seeing how two different compounds, when put together, create an “explosion”. You will need to purchase disposable plastic tablecloths for this experiment. For the plastic ware, Solo makes an inexpensive line of party goods and can easily be found in the supermarket.


  • Large party size clear plastic drinking cups
  • Plastic plates
  • Large bottle of vinegar
  • Smaller plastic or paper cups for the vinegar
  • Plastic spoon for each girl
  • Two or three boxes of baking soda
  • Food coloring (optional-if you choose to do this, have the girls wear smocks and roll up their sleeves)

Before starting, ask the girls what they think will happen when you mix the baking soda and vinegar together.

With the plastic spoon, have the girls put five spoonfuls of baking soda into the cup. Make sure the cup is sitting on top of the plastic plate. Pour a cup of vinegar for each girl, but do not have them pour yet! If you want, they can now add a few drops of food coloring to the vinegar.

On the count of three, have the girls pour the vinegar into the cup of baking soda and watch it “explode”!

Make Invisible Ink to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Science in Action Try It Patch

Many girls love mystery books and this is a way to send messages to each other mysteriously.


Small plastic cups
White paper
Baking soda
Cotton swabs
Paint brushes for each girl
Grape juice concentrate
Plastic tablecloths

Before the meeting, mix equals parts of water and baking soda in a bottle or container to bring to the meeting. Put down the tablecloth.

Ask the girls how they think they are going to make invisible ink. If the ink is invisible, how are they going to read the message?

Hand out white paper, cotton swabs, and small cups with the baking soda and water mixture for each girl. Have them draw a picture or write their name on the paper.
Let the paper dry for a few minutes. You might want to do another experiment during the drying time.

After it is dry, put a bowl of grape juice concentrate in the middle of the table for the girls to share. Each girl will “paint” over their picture and watch it become visible!

This happens because this is an acid based reaction.

An alternative way to do this is to have the girls use lemon juice on white paper. After it is dry, use a light source, such as a light bulb, to read the message. The lemon juice writing will become brown. If you choose to do this method, be careful not to set the paper on fire!

Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Science in Action Try It patch proves to girls that science is fun!