Girls Can Explore Outer Space During Your Meeting!

Space is a part of our world, and studying it can earn your troop the Brownie Girl Scout Space Explorer Try It badge. Children have a natural fascination with space, so as troop leader, you can use their natural enthusiasm for these activities.

How to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Space Explorer Try ItCredit:

Many second and third graders study about space. If they have done any projects related to it, then you can count them as one of the four required activities to earn this Try It.

One of the activities from the Brownie Handbook can be done at home to also get credit for the Try It. Shadow Time, on page 139, does not require anything except a sunny day, a stick, and some time.

Another at-home activity that is not in the handbook is to use the sun to cook. The children will share what they did an how it tasted.  Here are directions for Sun Tea to send to the parents.

Place 3-4 tea bags in a large jar with a lid. Keep in the sun’s direct light for four or more hours, then place in the refrigerator to cool. Add lemon or mint for added flavor when cool.

Some of the troop meeting activities may require a bit more adult supervision than you and your co-leader can provide. Email parents and ask for volunteers if you choose any of these.

Here are activities that you can do with your troop so they can earn this badge. These are not found in the Brownie Girl Scout Try It book, but other activities that you can do in lieu of those.

Create Your Own Constellation

Girls can make their own constellations after studying about actual ones.


Constellation papers run off for each girl

9 x 12 black construction paper

Gold stars

White chalk

Find information about constellations online or get a book to share with the girls. Hand out pictures of constellations and ask the girls to connect the images with their fingers.

After the study session, explain to them that they will be creating their own constellation. Brainstorm ideas on what they can make.

Have them lay out the stars before licking and sticking them to the construction paper. Underneath, have them write the name of the constellation in white chalk. Share them with each other.

Make Moon Craters 

For this Try It activity, the girls will make replicas of the moon’s surface.

MaterialsEarn the Brownie Girl Scout Space Explorer Try ItCredit:

  • Plaster of Paris-enough for each girl
  • Rocks, bouncy balls, marbles and other round object, all different sizes
  • Mold of the moon
  • Smocks
  • Newspaper to line the tables
  • Pie plate for each girl for the project to dry
  • Wipes

Show the girls pictures of the moon’s craters. Tell them some facts, like craters are all different sizes. Explain that they are going to make replicas of the moon’s surface. 

Make a Phases of the Moon Chart 

The moon goes through phases each month, and the girls can do this project in combination with the Brownie Handbook’s phases of the moon observation that is done at home.

MaterialsEarn the Brownie Girl Scout Space Explorer Try It Using Glitter GlueCredit:

  • 9 x 12 black construction paper for each girl
  • White crayons
  • Silver glitter or glitter glue
  • Glue
  • Newspaper
  • Brownie Try It Handbook, page 138, Activity #2

The girls will fold their paper into quarters and label them with the just like it is labeled on page 138 of their handbook. With white crayon, they will draw each moon phase. Then they will cover each picture with glue and silver glitter.

Make a Sun Poster 

Without the sun, we could not have life on our planet. Have the girls make a fact poster about the sun.


Before reading the book about the sun, have the girls share facts about it. Write them down on a blackboard or large piece of paper. Then read a book about the sun to the girls and have them focus on learning one new fact they did not know before.

After reading the book, add these new facts to the others already listed.

The girls will each make a poster that features a picture of the sun and five facts that they have learned. At the end of the meeting, the girls can share their projects.

Create Mnemonic Sentences Sentences have changed since Pluto was declassified as a planet. Have the girls work in teams to write sentences that will help them remember the correct order of the planets, using the first letter of each planet in order. The planets are:

Mercury, Venus, Eager, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Uranus, Neptune

The sentences can be silly, but they so have to make some kind of sense. Have them share what they wrote at the end of the meeting.

Make a Space Alien 

Are there aliens in space? What do they look like? Where do they live? Why do people think there are aliens or life on other planets?

This craft for the Space Explorer Try It is very open. Have the children create an alien. You provide the materials and they provide the imagination! This is a great way to use up craft leftovers from other Try Its you have done this year.

If you do not want to do an alien, you can have the groups create flying saucers from leftover craft materials and recycled materials brought in from home.

Your troop will gain a lot of knowledge when they earn the Brownie Girl Scout Space Explorer Try It patch. Every night when the girls look up at the night sky, and during the day when they are playing in the sun and shadows, the girls will have a better understanding of the world above them.

Gold Stars for the Constellation Project