Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Travel Right patch is the perfect Try It to do before you go on a Girl Scout field trip or do an overnight camping trip. The four mandatory requirements to earn the Travel Right Try it make a good lead in to the trip and earns the girls another triangle for their Brownie vest.

There are some activities that parents can do at home with the girls to help them earn the Travel Right Try It patch. The first activity, Be Prepared” can be found on page 80 of the Brownie Try It Handbook. Together with their daughter, parents are talk about safety rules when going on a trip. These may include:

  • Stay with your group at all times
  • Always have a partner with you
  • Tell an adult if you need to go to the restroom and do not go in alone
  • If you do get lost, find a person in uniform to help you
  • Have the Leader’s cell phone number in your backpack
  • Do not go off with a stranger
  • Wear sunscreen at all times
  • Remember to drink your water to stay hydrated
  • Do not touch or eat any food or plants in the wild unless you are told that you can
  • If you have food allergies, only eat what has been packed for you. Do not eat anyone else’s food

Another at home activity the girls can do is to make a “Busy Kit”. This is a backpack of things to do while in the car or while in the cabin.

Some items to include in the “Busy Kit” are:

Reading materials-books or magazines

A pad of lined paper

A pad of drawing paper



Travel games

A deck of cards

Music CDs you want to hear in the car

Snacks (if you are permitted to eat in the car or cabin)

A third at home activity can be found on page 81 of the Try It Handbook. The girls can fill in the things that are needed for three different kinds of trips.

Activities to Do at the Meeting to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Travel Right Try It Patch

Make a Packing List

If your troop is going on a field trip or an overnight, then they can help you make a master packing list to earn the Brownie Girl Scout Travel Right Try It patch. This can be sent home to the parents via email after the meeting is over. Talk about the activities you will do on your trip, how long it will take to get there, and of course, go over the safety rules.

Make a Travel Journal to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Travel Right Try It Patch

Many adults buy journals and keep a diary of their adventures to help remember their trip in years to come. The girls make their own travel journals for their trip.

MaterialsEarn the Brownie Girl Scout Travel Right Try It PatchCredit: www.amazon.com

Two pieces of cardboard or colored cardstock



Craft findings-foam pieces, rhinestones, stickers, foam letters

Five sheets of lined paper

Three hole puncher

Yarn cut the same length, three for each girl.

Before the meeting, punch the holes in the cardstock so they are uniform and the girls know where to write and decorate the covers. Have the girls decorate one piece of cardstock an way they desire. Emphasize not to over stuff the cover or put too glue on the over or it will not dry by the end of the meeting.

When the cover is dry, have them string the yarn through the holes and tie into knots. Remind them to put the journal in their “Busy Kits” for the trip.

Make a Memory Bag to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Travel Right Try It Patch

If the girls are going on an outdoor adventure, then they can take a memory bag with them to collect items to take back home and remember their trip.


Brown paper bag with handles and no writing


Have the girls decorate the outside of the shopping bag with their name and with pictures. Then have them fold it up and take home to pack in their overnight bag or “Busy Kit”.Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Travel Right Try It Patch play car gamesCredit: www.amazon.com

Play Car Games to Earn the Brownie Girl Scout Travel Right Try It Patch

While the Brownie Try It Handbook suggests playing license plate bingo, there are many other car games for the girls to play to earn the Travel Right Try It patch.

Look for all of the different road signs and write them down and draw a small picture next to it

Play “I Spy”. Make sure it is something that you haven’t just whizzed by and not to be seen again for miles, if ever!

Play the Geography. Say a city, state or country. The last letter is the first letter of the next city state or country.

Example…New York-Kentucky-Yemen. If this version is too hard for your girls, then play it with nouns. Example-cat-tiger-road-dog-grass, etc.

Play “Buzz”

For this counting game, assign a rule. If the number matches the rule, then instead of saying the number the girl whose turn it is says “Buzz”.

Example- Say Buzz on any number with a 2 in it.

1, BUZZ, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,BUZZ, 13, 14,15,,etc. Pay special attention to the twenties!

Once the girls get this, you can make it more complicated by adding two rules. If a number follows both rules, then you say, “BUZZ, BUZZ”.

Example-Say Buzz on any number with a 1 and 3

Buzz, 2, Buzz, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, BUZZ BUZZ, 14, 15, etc.

If the girls are in third grade and know their times tables, then you can play this with multiples instead of numbers.

If you dare, tell “knock-knock” jokes.

If you can stand it, have the girls do hand-claps.

Sing Songs in a Round

Singing in a round is something the girls probably did in music class. Do simple songs like Row, Row, Row Your oat and Brother John (Free Jacques).

Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Travel Right Try It patch is a great way to launch your next road trip.