Put The Troops Writing Skills to Good Use!

Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Write Away Try It helps the girls learn about themselves and about others. Writing letters is fast becoming a lost art, thanks to email and texting. With this, the girls can hone up on writing skills and hopefully will get a letter or two in return. Everyone loves to get a stamped letter in the mail that is not a bill or junk mail!

This is one badge that the girls can do many of the activities at home on their own. If you feel that most of the girls in your troop will not get parental support for the activities, then have them do at least one at home. If even one is not possible, then break the Brownie Write Away Try It into two separate meetings.

I like to have my troop do at least one activity for each badge at home, as doing the required four activities is not always possible during my meetings. Or I count a school project as one of the required activities. I always make sure to send out an email or two to the parents to make sure that the one requirement is done in time for our next meeting.

For example, in second grade our school district has the children create an autobiographical time line of their lives. This ties in with the first activity called "All About Me", on page 54 of the Brownie Try It Handbook.

Some of the activities the girls can do at home and then share with the troop during a meeting are:

Read a biography about a famous person. Bring in the book and share it with the troop. This is activity number two for this badge. This also is something that is probably done in school and can count towards earning this as well.

Read a favorite magazine. Bring it in to show the other children and share why you like it better than other magazines.

Write a letter to a favorite relative. Send a picture that you made inside the envelope.

Here are some activities for earning the badge.

1. Write to Pen Pals If there is another Brownie Girl Scout troop nearby, become pen pals with that troop. During the meeting, brainstorm ideas about what the children can say in their letters. At the end of the scouting year, the troops can meet at a nearby park and have a joint meeting and craft together.

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These Girl Scout cookie note cards are perfect for a pen pal exchange!

2. If you cannot find nearby pen pals, then see if anyone you know is friends or related to someone who is involved with Girl Scouts. They can help set you up with distant pen pals.

3. Do the girls have a favorite celebrity? Have the parents email who their favorite one is and find their fan club address online. Send the letter out and as they come in, have the children bring them in and share them with the troop.

4. Email the editor of a local newspaper or magazine and ask if one of the writers can come in and speak to the troop. Create a list of questions to ask the visitor.

Earning the Brownie Girl Scout Write Away Try It can be a very rewarding learning experience. Teachers will appreciate the educational aspect of this Brownie Try It!