It's Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Selling Girl Scout cookies is something many troops do to fundraise, and while your girls are selling, the can earn the Cookies Count Brownie Girl Scout Try It patch. The Girl Scouts of America have very strict fundraising rules. In order to be able to do any other kind of fundraiser, troops must participate in the fall nut and magazine fundraiser and the winter Girl Scout cookie fundraiser.

The money raised helps the Brownie troop go on field trips, but craft items, and attend special workshops during the scouting year. Selling cookies also teaches the girls in your troop teamwork, cooperation, and how to handle the public using good manners.

For the girls, earning the Cookies Count Brownie Girl Scout Try It patch is a bonus for selling cookies and raising money that they would normally do.

Before selling cookies, the troop leader needs to make sure that all of the paperwork has been done correctly and that there is a reliable Cookie Mom who can take care of the many details of selling Girl Scout cookies. Email parents and let them now that the troop will be selling cookies on certain dates, and for them to let others know that they will be available for purchase.

In the email, you might also want to ask the parents to question their daughters about what they would do with the cookie money the troop earns. Have them send you the responses and make a list of these and what it would cost for the troop to do them.

Make a chart on poster board in a graph or thermometer form so the girls can see the progress as the sale goes along. Have the activities at different points to see how close they are to the goals and to see which ones they have achieved.

Here are some activities to help your troop earn the Cookies Count Brownie Girl Scout Try It patch.

Go Over the Safety Rules for Selling Girl Scout Cookies

It is most important that the girls know all of the safety rules when selling Girl Scout cookies.

First, they must never go door-to-door alone; there must always be a grown-up with them.

If you are doing a cookie booth sale, you must stay at the table and not leave. A grown-up must always know where you are. Do not go to a stranger’s car with them so they can get their money. They can come back and give it to you.

If you are confused about the amount of money, ask an adult at the booth sale to help you make change or give the amount due.

Girl Scout cookies cannot be sold on Ebay, Craig’s List or any other internet venue. You can however, email family and friends to let them know that you are selling them.

Establish Goals to Earn the Cookies Count Brownie Girl Scout Try It Patch


The girls are not selling Girl Scout cookies simply to earn the Cookies Count Brownie Girl Scout Try It Patch, they are selling to raise money for activities and trips. Ask the girls where they would like to go and the activities they would like to do with their earnings.

Show them the chart you made and how many boxes of cookies they will have to sell to achieve the different goals.

Brainstorm Ideas to Earn the Cookies Count Brownie Girl Scout Try It Patch

During this part of the meeting, have the girls come up with ideas of whom to sell the cookies. Emphasize that while it will be nice if parents sell the cookies at work, they are not doing the selling. The girls can make a poster or note to go on the cookie box so that co-workers of mom and dad can see that the Brownie Girl Scout is part of these sales.

Have parents take note of who is buying the cookies so that their daughter can write a thank you note to him or her.

Girls can sell Girl Scout cookies to:

Neighbors whom they know well (and a parent is with them)

Family members

Family friends

Teachers (careful on this one. Teachers who have six Girl Scouts in their class can go broke buying all of those cookies. Have that sale go to the troop count)

Practice Selling Girl Scout Cookies to Earn the Cookies Count Brownie Girl Scout Try It Patch

During the meeting, you will need to role play with the girls on how to act at a booth sale. The girls need to be mindful of their surroundings at all times and to be on their best behavior.

Have a table set up with some cookie boxes and the girls will take turns selling and being a customer. Before ou do that, your co-leader and you can role play a positive, well mannered way to ask and an obnoxious way to ask a customer if she or he wants to buy Girl Scout cookies. The girls may find it amusing, but they need to see that there is a right way and a wrong way to ask. They may think they are being cute, but they are not.

You will also want to role play what happens if a person says yes and orders a bunch, as well as someone who declines to buy a box of Girl Scout cookies.

Emphasize good manners and being polite no whether a person buys a box of cookies or doesn’t.

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Go Over Making Change to Earn the Cookies Count Brownie Girl Scout Try It Patch

The girls will need practice making change if you are going to let the near the cash box. Even if you do not want to give them that responsibility, you can have the girls make up charts of what to charge.
1 box = $4.00
2 boxes = $8.00
3 boxes = $12.00 etc.

Each girl should make a chart and be responsible to bring it the day of the sale.

Make a Table Sign

Have the girls make signs to go on the cookie table at the booth sale. If they are going around the neighborhood, they can make small signs to put on their wagon.

Write Thank You Notes to the Cookie Mom

Being the Cookie Mom is a big job.  Write down all of the things a Cookie mom is responsible for and remind the girls that is is a volunteer position-she is not getting paid. .  Have the girls write her a thank you note, even her own daughter, for all of her hard work.

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Earning the Cookies Count Brownie Girl Scout Try It patch is an excellent experience for girls who want to sell cookies for projects and activities. It teaches them to make goals and to do your best to achieve them by working independently as well as cooperatively.