Earn This Try It By Learning Girl Scout Traditions

As a Girl Scout leader, there are certain routines and rituals that you do with your troop because they are a scouts, and these activities will earn your Brownie troop the Girl Scout Ways Try It patch. If you have regular meetings, you are already on your way to earning this Brownie Try It.

For example, you start your troop meeting by reciting the Girl Scout Law and the Girl Scout Promise.  When the meeting is over, you end with the Friendship Squeeze and sing the Friendship song.  All of these together count as one activity towards earning the Girl Scout Ways patch.

How to Earn the Girl Scout Ways Try ItCredit: Photo by Hannah Gold

Photo by Hannah Gold

Here are some things that the girls can do at home to earn this badge.

Make an Emergency Kit and Have Practice Fire Drills

Life happens and so do emergencies. Girl Scouting’s motto is to “Be Prepared!” In order to be prepared in case of an electrical outage or a fire, have the girls and their parents make an emergency kit and an emergency plan.

Power Outages-Have the Brownie Scout and her family make an emergency kit in the event the power goes out. In a central location upstairs and downstairs, the family should have:

  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Candles and candle holders
  • Matches

Fire Drill-The family should practice what to do in the event of a house fire. An escape plan needs to be created for both upstairs and downstairs, and a central meeting spot also needs to be decided upon. Once these are in place, practice the drill and time it. See how fast your family can escape the house.

Make a Sit Upon

You can use this craft to double dip with the Girl Scout Stitch it Together Try It. When Girl Scouts go camping, they need something to “sit upon” if the ground is cold or wet. These mats can also be kept in the girls' “Responsibility Bags” and used at troop meetings.

Since this project involves sewing, your co-leader and you will be needing a few extra volunteers to help the girls with pinning and finishing the mat.


  • A large piece of waterproof material, pre cut for each girl (think cheap dollar store curtains that can be cut in several pieces)
  • Newspaper or tissue paper for stuffing
  • Large needle
  • Scissors
  • Yarn

Follow the directions for sewing a pillow outlined in the Stitch in Time Try It article. Easy to do and since this is for outdoors and not decorative purposes, it does not have to overly neat for a first try at sewing.

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Make S'mores 

S'mores are a traditional camping food. You can make them in a microwave if you have access to one or you can make no bake s'mores using the following recipe:


One box of graham crackers

One bag mini chocolate chips

One jar marshmallow Fluff

Plastic knives

Bowls for Fluff

Give each girl her own paper plate and one graham cracker board to break in half. Have her spread the marshmallow Fluff on each side. Sprinkle mini chocolate chips on one side. Put together and eat!

Make a First Aid Kit

My oldest daughter made this when she was a Brownie Girl Scout. Her twin siblings loved to use it as their own First Aid Kit when they got older. The purpose of this project is not only to make a portable kit for emergencies, but to show the children how to properly use the items that are in there.  You may want an extra volunteer or two to help out with this.


  • Plastic box with handle
  • Sharpie Markers
  • Items to put into the first aid kit-samples of Neosporin, gauze, band-aids, Q-tips, cotton balls

Have the children put the items in the box. On the outside, have the girls write “First Aid Kit” with their Sharpie.

Divide the troop into teams of two. With the extra items you have, let them practice properly bandaging each other.

Earning the Girl Scout Ways Try It patch is one of the simpler ones to accomplish. You may wish to try this one at the beginning of the year.

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