All Kinds of Musical Activities to Enjoy Together!

Children love music, and you can use this innate appreciation to help your troop earn the Making Music Brownie Girl Scout Try It badge. By definition, music is the art of making sounds. As a Girl Scout leader, you know that your girls love to make sounds! Harness their natural energy to help them earn this badge.

Almost every school offers Music as a special. If your girls have a music class once a week while in school, then this can count as one of the four required activities to earn a Brownie Try It.

How to Earn the Making Music Brownie Girl Scout Try ItCredit:

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In an email, you can ask for the parents to help their daughter in earning the Making Music Try It patch. There is a musical activity, “Melody Glasses” that involves drinking glasses on pages 156-157 in the Brownie Try it Handbook. Have the girls do that at home as one of the four required activities.

Here are some activities for you to do with your girls at your troop meeting. Because the girls will be moving, you may want them to have an water bottle because you know that they will get thirsty!

Move to Action Songs 

Ask the girls if they remember any finger plays from preschool, like The Itsy Bitsy Spider. See if they are willing to do them for you! 

Next, the children are going to start moving their whole bodies. Make sure you have enough space! If it is a nice day, you may want to do this activity outside. Tell them that for this Making Music Try It activity, they will be doing action songs. An action song require the girls to move according to the song’s directions. There are many kids party songs CDs that have instructions for children to follow. You can buy an entire CD or download a few to your iPod. Some songs that your girls will enjoy are:


The Locomotion

Simple Simon Says


The Hokey Pokey

The Limbo Rock

The Twist

Play Twister Moves 

Twister Moves is from the Twister line of games. It is an older game and no longer available in stores. If you have family or neighbors with a teenager, they may still have it hanging around.

Four girls can play the game at a time, so the others can cheer them on until it is their turn.

Sing in Rounds 

People have been singing in rounds for centuries. Teach the troop a simple song to reinforce the concept, and then separate them into groups. Perform for each other at the end of the meeting!

Some songs they can try are: 

  • Allouette
  • Frere Jacques (Brother John)
  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  • Three Blind Mice
  • Maker New Friends (This Girl Scout song is perfect!)

Have a Musician Visit

Do you know someone who plays guitar or piano that can come and be a guest speaker?  This person can teach the girls all about music and perform for them! 

Earning the Making Music Brownie Girl Scout Try It badge is an opportunity for the girls to express themselves musically. It is also a Try It that does not require a large bank account to do!