To earn the Math Fun Brownie Girl Scout Try It patch, you will need to teach your troop how math is a part of real life. These are not math lessons, but fun activities to show how important math is.

It is my belief that doing four activities during one troop meeting are hard to accomplish and do a quality job for each activity. The goal of earning Brownie Girl Scout Try It badges is not to see how fast you can cover the vest, but for the girls to try something new and learn from their experiences.

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Since math is all round us, you can have the children do an activity at home to count towards earning the Math Fun Try It. Email the parents ahead of time that you want them to do one of the following activities (or one that is equivalent) before the next meeting. At the meeting, you will ask the girls what they did to help them earn the patch

Some activities that can count as one are: 

1. Have the children fill out the deposit or withdrawal form from the bank. Have them go up to the teller to help do the transaction. If it is a withdrawal, have them count the money to make sure it is the correct amount 

2. Have them go to the change making machine. Have the girls go to the change making machine at the bank. They can estimate how much money there is and then see how close they are.

3. The girls can help mom or dad cut coupons. When the grocery list is done, they can count up how much money they will save in coupons on their next trip to the store. If the coupons are doubled, have them figure out that amount, too. 

4. Have them play math games online with a parent’s permission. There are many great websites with fun games that also teach math concepts

5. Play a board game that involves money. Monopoly, The Game of Life, Payday, and Masterpiece are a few that will fulfill an activity requirement and as a bonus, have some family time.

Here are some activities to do with your Brownie troop to help them earn the Math Fun Try It.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Most all girls love to go shopping. For this Math Fun Try It activity, you will be showing the girls how to shop and stay within a budget.

Variations to this activity:

Plan a sleepover party and giving the girls a supermarket circular to plan the menu

Plan a theme birthday party and have them buy the paper goods, decorations, and goodies for the loot bags


  • The same circular for each girl to a store they would like to shop at
  • Calculator
  • Party Worksheet
  • Pencils

Explain to the girls that with their group of two or three girls that they are going to go shopping for a new outfit to give a friend as a birthday gift. The outfit must have pants, a shirt, and at least one accessory. Give them a set amount to spend. They cannot go over but they can be under. They have to agree on the outfit. Give them a worksheet you have created to write down the item and the price, and a place for the total. They can share the results with the other girls.

Make Food in a Jar

A great gift to make and help the girls earn the Math Fun Try It patch is to create a gift jar. In this jar, there will be layered dry ingredients to make cookies, cake, yogurt, spiced teas, hot chocolate, pudding, trail mix or a pot of soup. This can be given as a holiday gift or a “just because” gift to someone special.

Because you will need measuring tools for each girl, you can send an email out to the parents in advance requesting they send in the following items for the project:

  • Measuring cups-either one cup, half cup and quarter cup or one cup with all of the measurements
  • One Tablespoon
  • One teaspoon

If you are going to do this in stations, them you only need enough for half the girls, the others will be working at a different station. Make sure any borrowed utensils are labeled.

I strongly suggest also asking for volunteers for this activity.


  • Canning jar with lid
  • Ingredients for the recipe you selected
  • Something to cover the table for easy clean up
  • Label for the jar with what is inside it
  • Recipe to attach with ribbon to the jar
  • Decorations for the jar

For this activity, you will need to have the girls measure each ingredient and then fill the jar. Pass each it around until each girl has used the first ingredient. If you have two adults at the table, then as soon as girl number one is finished with the first ingredient, the adult can help her get started on ingredient number two.

When the jar is filled and sealed, the girls can go to another table to decorate the jar. The girls who were waiting their turn can now fill the jar with dry ingredients. Be careful to watch that they do not damage any decorations they have used.

Math Games to Earn the Math Fun Brownie Try It PatchEarn the Briwnie Math is Fun Try It patch with math diceCredit:

When I was a teacher, I used to play many mental math games with my students. These games were appropriate for children of all math ability levels.

My favorite game to play was “Buzz”. In it’s simplest version, you give a rule and the girls have to say “Buzz” instead of the number.

For example, the rule is to say “Buzz” on any number that has a two in it. The counting would go like this:

1, BUZZ, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, BUZZ, 12, 13, 14, etc. 

Be careful to keep count on your fingers or in your head on the twenties, as EVERY number is “Buzzed”.

If you want to create a math quiz game for the girls to earn points and  candy as a prize, you can have them work as a team. Questions you can ask are:

1. Name three even numbers

2. How old are you?

3. What is the number of your house?

4. How many people are in the room right now?

There are many fun ways for your troop to earn the Math Fun Brownie Girl Scout Try It. You can use these activities or those found in the Brownie Girl Scout Try It handbook.

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