Earning the Courageous and Strong Daisy Petal is Fun!

Running a troop of young and eager kindergarten and first grade Daisy Girl Scouts is an enriching and rewarding experience. In fact, as the leader, you earn the red Daisy Girl Scout petal "Courageous and Strong" for each and every meeting you have.

Here is an activity that is sure to leave the girls with a smile on their face.

To prepare for the meeting that will help your girls earn the Courageous and Strong petal, you will need a storage container (a margarine tub will do) for each girl and a brown lunch bag to put each one in.

Before the meeting, fill one storage container for each girl with the same food-wet spaghetti, jello, pudding, yogurt, whipped cream-anything you can think of. Place these containers in brown bags and do not let the girls see what is inside!

How to Earn the Red Daisy Petal Courageous and StrongCredit: www.pixabay.com

Make sure none of your girls have food allergies and bring plenty of wipes if a sink is not available!

At the meeting, ask your girls what it means to be "courageous". Do they know what courage means? It means to try something to help you overcome your fear. Ask the girls about a time when they tried something new or that they were afraid of, like riding a two-wheeler, learning to swim, going to a new school or even trying brussel sprouts!

You may also want to read a book to earn the red Daisy petal, like this one from Jamie Lee Curtis.  It ties in beautifully with this topic.

Credit: www.pixabay.com

In this story, Frankie is a little girl who is trying new things for the very first time.  The troop will be able to relate to this because they are at a stage in life where so many things, like learning to ride a two wheeler, are scary and brand new. Learning to overcome your fears is an important life skill that the girls need to master.

While you are doing the questioning, ask your co-leader or volunteer to carefully uncover the containers.

Divide the children into groups and have them put their hand in the container-if they are courageous enough! Discuss how they felt before and after the activity, especially when they found out it was only cold spaghetti!

Once they have cleaned up, you can talk about the importance of eating right and exercising to stay strong. Talk about some healthy foods they could eat. Play some music and exercise or play freeze dance. If you are able, go outside and do this! Fresh air also makes you strong.

As always, be prepared with a coloring page for this petal in case you have some extra time.  With these activities, your Girl Scout troop will enjoy earning the red Daisy petal, "Courageous and Strong".

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