An Easy Daisy Girl Scout Activity to Earn the Violet Daisy Petal

Updated 2018

Leading a Daisy troop of kindergarten and first grade girls presents an opportunity for you as the leader, to create and environment of friendship and acceptance. The violet petal, "Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout", can be earned easily and with a lot of fun by being "secret sisters".

How to Earn the Violet Daisy Petal Be a Sister to Every Girl ScoutCredit: Pixabay

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Materials Needed

For this activity, you will have to go to the post office and buy two postal cards for each girl in your troop. At home, put your address label on each card, so if for some reason it does not get delivered to the Daisy Scout it will be returned to you. You will also need to print a troop address list for each child.

Prior to your meeting, send out an email to the parents explaining that the child will be earning the violet petal. Explain to them that at the meeting, the girls will draw a name from a bag and that girl will be the "secret sister".

Everyone will go home with an address list and two postal cards. Once a week for two weeks, the girl will write a note on the post card to her secret sister. The note should tell some positive attributes about the sister scout, and maybe give a clue about who her secret sister might be.

For the meeting where the children "reveal" themselves, each one is to bring a small wrapped gift for their secret sister. It is to cost no more than five dollars.

In your email, you will need to advise parents that the gift should be generic in nature, like a craft kit, stationery item, or small toy, jump rope or chalk. Character gifts are not a good idea, as some girls may not like what another girl does. One child may like Nella the Princess Knight while another prefers Vampirina.

At the meeting, remind the girls to be gracious when opening their gift, even if it may not be something they want. Good manners and being mindful of others' feelings is important! To start the meeting, you can read a book about friendship. Then have the girls reveal one by one who their secret sister is. Let them open their gifts and enjoy them!

A Fun Craft to End the Meeting


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Pack of Daisy Foam Shapes Available on Amazon


Step 1

Start with this Daisy foam shape. Have the girls pick a color from a bag so there is no arguing over who gets purple and who gets yellow. Write their name on the back in Sharpie. You may also want to write the words "Sisters in Scouting" on the front somewhere. 

Step 2 

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Have the girls peel and stick the jewels on the perimeter only. Collect them and after the photos have been printed, either you or the girls can cut them out and glue the picture to the center. When it is finished, you can hole punch the top and add a blue ribbon or add a magnet backing so it can be hung on the refrigerator. 

You can then take a picture of the girls and their scout sister and print it out for the next meeting.  

Earning the violet petal, "Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout" is fun for scouts of all ages!