If you or your child is suffering from the pain of metal braces on teeth, you may need topical pain relief cream for swollen gums or natural pain relief. You can use pain relief medicine and stick to soft foods for a while to help you eat. Read on for tips on how to ease oral pain when you have braces for teeth.

Difficulty:  Moderate

Things you'll need:
•    soft foods
•    pain relief medicine
•    wax for natural pain relief
•    pain relief cream
•    braces for teeth
•    wax for natural pain relief   


Use pain relievers wisely when you get braces for teeth. Your orthodontist will give you wax to rub in the metal braces for natural pain relief. It is also helpful because it coats the rough, even sharp metal, providing a barrier between the braces and the inside of your lips and cheeks.  For aching gum pain, however, you can use a topical pain relief cream like Anbesol to ease swollen gums. You might also use over the counter pain relief medicine like Advil, Tylenol, or Motrin.
How to Ease Swollen Gums when you have Braces for TeethCredit: Amberdawn 2011Eat soft foods. When you first get metal braces for teeth, for the first week or so, all you're going to be able to handle are soft foods because of your oral pain and swollen gums. Don't worry, because this phase is temporary. But save yourself some grief and stick to soft foods like sugar free Jello or gelatin, boiled foods, mashed potatoes, and yogurt. Juices are another way to get nutrients when you first get them and eating is difficult. Remove any wax from your braces on teeth that you're using for natural pain relief before you start eating. Take pain relief medicine about 40 minutes prior to eating to give it enough time to start working. Follow the directions you your pain relief cream about how long to wait before consuming your soft food after applying.
Repeat step 1, if necessary, after you get your metal braces for teeth tightened. You'll be getting them tightened periodically. Be sure to ask your orthodontist for more wax each time for natural pain relief. This is not as painful as when braces on teeth are first put on, but if you find you're uncomfortable you might want to have soft foods the first day until you feel better, as well as topical pain relief cream for swollen gums. Use over the counter pain relief medicine for oral pain as directed.
Remember this oral pain is all for a good cause. You'll have a beautiful, straight, white smile once the metal braces for teeth are off if you follow my advice. I did it, and it was all worth it. For more advice on how to eat with braces on, visit my resources. Good luck!
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